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Local Florist Expert - Samantha Welzbacher

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Samantha is one of the most tenured team members at Lone Star Bloom joining their Austin location in 2013 right out of Texas A&M's Benz School of Floral Design. She has since moved on to office out of the San Antonio location and while she still steps on the design floor every once in a while primarily focuses on generating some of the most exclusive floral content you see across all of our websites. She's also a regular contributor to online forum Q&A's, providing the insight and knowledge she's grown to acquire her 10 years at the largest brick and mortar retail florists in the country.


Samantha's Expertise

With a background primarily focused in design, Samantha has personally managed two stores performing at four times that of the average florist in the country. She was involved with our procurement team after her store management stints leading the purchases of all of our floral supplies (vases, baskets, etc) providing her with unique insight into the requirements that each floral arrangement demands of its vase (it's more important than meets the eye). She currently manages all of our virtual assets from websites to social reputations! This unique insight into our flower shops through your eyes allows us to create a customer experience worthy of 5 stars!

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Samantha Welzbacher

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