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Local Florist Expert - Jasmine

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Jasmine joined us in 2020 through our Flowers On Base acquisition, which included flower shops on several military installations across the country. While her floral management and design was spectacular, she also showed a technical digital knack that we were eager to put to use.


Jasmine's Expertise

Jasmine primarily focuses on the technical aspects of our website, making sure we're able to reach readers like you every day. She's in charge of most of the promos, specials, and other programs you see on our sites, so if you're getting a discount today, thank Jasmine! She uses her background in running a flower shop to make sure our online customers have as good of a shopping experience as pulling a bouquet out of her cooler. She's also heavily influenced our social media profiles with engaging content that regularly breaks the industry threshold for engagement.


The Flower Bucket Houston

(713) 454 - 7926
[email protected]
5742 Darling St, Houston, TX 77007
Mon-Fri: 8-2pm
Saturday: 9-12pm
Sunday: Closed

Holiday hours may vary.

Jasmine's Favorite Flower Deliveries