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A white orchid plant potted in a glass cube vase accented with spanish moss next to the image of an orange bromeliad plant potted in a white ceramic.

What are the best indoor flowering plants?

Indoor flowering plants are such a treat! Bringing a pop of color and fresh oxygen into the room, indoor flowering plants are a great addition to your home decor or office accent. We recommend a few different indoor blooming plants that are easy care and available for same day plant delivery! 


The first one we recommend is the African violet. These plants come with gorgeous, small purple, violet, or pink flower blooms. They have lush green leaves that have a soft, furry texture. They like to be watered directly on the soil, avoid the leaves when you water to make sure they don’t get damaged. You can add water to a dish and set the violet plant in the standing water to drink it up through the bottom of the pot. Be sure to rotate your African violets so that each side of each plant gets equal sun throughout the week. This will help you avoid plants that grow toward the sun and lopsided plants. 


The second flowering plant that we recommend is the kalanchoe. With flowers ranging from yellow, red, pink, and white and thick, succulent like foliage, the kalanchoe is a staple in blooming plants. The kalanchoe loves lots of sunlight and well draining soil. Water minimally as these are easy to over water. Every couple of weeks is adequate, making sure that the soil is dried out in between watering. Check to make sure there’s never any standing water in your kalanchoe pot. Standing water will cause the roots to rot and create a stench and kill your plant. 


The third lovely flowering plant we recommend is the bromeliad. We just got in some amazing colors of this tropical beauty. Bromeliads love bright light that’s indirect. They thrive in humid environments, so your kitchen or bathroom is a good place to display your bromeliad. When watering, fill the cup at the base of the leaves instead of the soil. Be sure to dump out that water weekly so that you don’t collect anything nasty and let it grow. 


The fourth recommendation for blooming plants is anthurium which is another amazing tropical flower. Anthurium plants have large, waxy green leaves accented with heart shaped red or sometimes pink or white flowers. Anthurium plants are an extremely durable and easy care option. They love bright, indirect light and watering when the soil is partially dried out. The roots are susceptible to root rot, so best to make sure there is no standing water. They’ll drink more in warm seasons than in the winter, so be sure to adjust your watering seasonally. Anthurium plants are poisonous if ingested, so be careful if you have pets or children. 


Our final indoor blooming plant recommendation is the stunning phalaenopsis orchid. Orchid plants are a luxurious, modern option. They don’t take up much space, but really pack a punch when it comes to their looks. Orchid plants like moderately bright light and love humidity. They need to be completely dried out between waterings and do not like any standing water on the roots. Orchid plants prefer a warm environment and love a nice high-potassium orchid food to encourage flowering. Be sure to adjust watering and fertilizing in colder seasons to not over do it. 


We absolutely love our blooming plants and highly recommend them as gifts for birthday, a way to remember someone sent to the home for sympathy, or as an office gift to brighten someone’s day. Each of our flowering plants can be potted by itself or as a blooming dish garden to gift a variety of blooms in one basket or ceramic dish.


Let us know if you have any questions or need help with your plant care! We’re always happy to help you troubleshoot any plant issues.


What are the best indoor flowering plants?