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A Pink and Blue Floral Bouquet from The Flower Bucket, a San Antonio Florist

What is your cutoff time and why?

Our cutoff time is the time that we have to stop taking orders for same-day delivery based on city traffic and the capacity of our delivery team. Our current cutoff time Monday through Friday is 1 pm. We have a same-day delivery cutoff to ensure that we aren’t delivering any flowers or gifts outside of business hours or socially acceptable delivery hours. Since fresh flowers aren’t like packages that we can leave outside a front door or in a mailroom, we need to ensure that someone is available to accept the delivery. 


Our delivery drivers take routes of orders to be delivered that are optimized in maps for traffic patterns and gas efficiency. A full route may keep a single driver on the road for one to three hours at a time.


Orders placed in advance are most likely designed the day before they are delivered, so this is the most likely way to guarantee delivery in the morning or early afternoon - give us at least 24 hours notice so that we can take our time designing the bouquet and then get it safely packed and routed with our delivery team. 


If you’ve placed your order for same day delivery, it typically takes us a couple hours to complete the design and have the delivery team back from their routes to be able to take out a second route of deliveries. On average, same day orders are delivered within four hours of the order being placed with us over the phone, in store, or on our website. 


We prioritize by address type in many situations, so our rule of thumb is as follows. We aim to deliver to all businesses by 4 pm, residential addresses by 5 pm, school deliveries by 2 pm, funeral home deliveries 1 to 2 hours prior to the service time (often depending on the funeral home preferences), church deliveries for services by 1 hour prior to service time, hospital deliveries by 5 pm. All of these delivery times will vary day to day and are often not possible during a holiday, but these are our general goals. Our same day cutoff time may vary on holiday dates as well based on fresh flower availability and delivery driver capacity. 


During our peak delivery times on holidays, we bring on additional delivery staff in order to accommodate additional deliveries and orders. If you’d like to provide a residential address as a backup for a business delivery during a holiday week, we truly appreciate your willingness to flexibility. You may also see a flex delivery option on our website during holiday weeks which allows you to choose a discounted delivery fee and allow us to deliver in a time window vs. a specific day. This allows us to route even more efficiently for our delivery team. 

What is your cutoff time and why?