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DIY Flower Arrangement Ideas - June 24, 2024

DIY Flower Arrangement Ideas

DIY Flower Arrangement Ideas - June 24, 2024

Homemade Flower Bouquet

We get calls all the time from customers who are trying to plan a party or host a celebration and make it beautiful while keeping in mind their personal budget or the budget of the host and so are looking to make DIY flower arrangements. They reach out to us to see if we’d be willing to sell them fresh flowers in bulk, and we do! We’re more than happy to sell all our fresh flowers in bulk, which can be by the bunch or by the box depending on how many total homemade flower bouquets you’re going to create.

Inevitably we get to a point in this DIY quest where our customer isn’t quite sure what to order and our expertise becomes extra helpful. This is where floral recipes come in! When you have BIG flower arrangement ideas, you also need to know exactly what you’ll need to make those dreams come true! So we’re sharing a few DIY flower arrangement recipes to help out!

These bouquet ideas are great for use in all kinds of situations and you can often find these fresh flowers available at your local florist, or if you’re in a pinch your local grocery store.

While we don’t have a full floral design tutorial available, we’ll share some tips and tricks that will help along the way so that you can truly impress your friends with your homemade flower arrangements.

Hydrangea Flower Arrangement Recipe

Floral Recipe:

  • 5” cylinder
  • 3 white hydrangeas
  • 3 blue hydrangeas
  • 2 mini green hydrangeas

white hydrangea  green hydrangea  blue hydrangea

Notes for your glass vase: Choose your favorite! Just remember that hydrangeas tend to be a heavy flower with lots of blooms up top on a single, thick stem. Hydrangea flowers also have large green leaves - but we suggest removing most if not all of them so your thirsty hydrangea bloom doesn’t have leaves competing for water.

Notes for your hydrangea blooms: Most commonly you’ll see these available in white, blue, or mini green. Other colors include antique varieties of hydrangea in blue/brown, pink/brown, and green/brown shades that are simply stunning. You could also make this design with dried hydrangea blooms that you can find in a variety of craft stores, florist shops, and boutiques.

How to Put it Together

Fill your vase with clean, fresh water and flower food. Hydrangeas are THIRSTY, so be sure you set a reminder to check your water level and refill periodically.

Hold your first white hydrangea bloom up next to your vase to estimate the length of stem that you may need. You’ll want your stem to ideally touch the bottom of your vase (to increase the likelihood of always having a fresh water supply). Cut your stem at an angle with a knife or clippers, something sharp enough not to smash up the stem. You’ll want to make small cuts and continue to cut until it’s just long enough to touch the bottom of the vase and rest over the lip of the vase. Be sure that no blooms or foliage are submerged in the water of your vase. Choose a blue hydrangea next and follow the same procedure. Work around your vase in a circular motion until all of the top of the vase is full and then start piling your hydrangeas on top. Use your mini green hydrangeas last so they don’t get buried.

DIY tutorial on how to put together a hydrangea flower arrangement

Troubleshooting hydrangea blooms

If you have hydrangea blooms that are a bit wilted, fill a vase or bowl with cold water and submerge the entire bloom in the water for 1-2 minutes. Shake off the water and cut the stem of the hydrangea and put it into a vase with cold water to start hydrating again.

Allium is said to help hydrangea blooms; cut your stem and dip it into allium and then put it into your vase or foam. I have never tried it, so let me know what you think!

Keep your hydrangeas out of any direct sunlight or drafts.

You did it! DIY Flower arrangement Queen!

You’ll end up with a lush, cloud of hydrangea blooms gorgeous for a table centerpiece if done in a low vase or great for a larger area if done in a larger vase.

You can build these with one of each color hydrangea bloom in a mason jar if you want something more petite. Or add more hydrangea in a larger vase if you want something more grandiose.

Hydrangea flower arrangement in a 5-inch cylinder vase with white, blue, and green hydrangeas

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