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Houston Flower Delivery

Birthday Flowers sent on June 5, 2024

We've created our own version of Expectation Vs Reality! One of the biggest issues that faces the floral industry is that every arrangement is hand made, which leads to quite a bit of "translation" when a floral designer gets an order and attempts to replicate it for that days flower delivery. Whether it is a lack for floral skills or a shortage of product - expectation vs reality is a real thing in the floral industry. At The Flower Bucket, we're dedicated to showing you our triumphs... and some of our shortcomings to set the expectation for your next flower delivery.

We received a call from a customer for Houston flower delivery last week who loved this arrangement but requested it be done at a smaller price point. We're happy to meet any customers budget and we're able to reporoduce this arrangement using a fewer number of the same flowers in the picture and think our Houston florist, Karlie, nailed it!

Birthday Flowers

Houston Flower Delivery