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Winter’s Natural Beauty Expressed In Flowers

Sometimes, it can feel a little like winter is never going to end, even if we don’t experience the worst of it here in San Antonio. We yearn for spring’s bright days and bountiful blooms, and the thought of it alone immediately perks us up, pulling us out of the winter blues. The Flower Bucket knows exactly how to bring that feeling into our homes during winter, no matter how long it stretches. The answer is through flowers, but not just any flowers.

We love a wild, free-form bouquet to really capture the feeling of both the woods and the garden. The holiday floral palette may be rich reds and greens, but we like the understated simplicity of a bouquet like The Organics. Here protea – a striking flower – is embedded in a verdant group of greens. It’s lush without being overwhelming, the perfect piece for a kitchen.

Eucalyptus provides a lovely fragrance for this graceful bouquet, which looks divine spilling over a glass vase. The organic nature of a design like this is an art in itself; bringing just the right greens together and shaping them into a style that looks effortless is a fun challenge.

At The Flower Bucket, blooms are never out of season, and we can always be found happily work with them.