When Flowers Really Matter

By The Flower Bucket on August 31, 2018 in Flowers, Summer Flowers. 0 Comments

When you’re in the flower business, you’re in an emotional business. Everyone in our shop and on the team is keenly aware of this, the responsibility we have at The Flower Bucket to provide flowers and plants for some of the most meaningful events of our customer’s lives. The passing of a loved one is one of those times. Together, we work hard to ensure that our customers are well served through their grief. We do what we can to offer solace in the form of flowers–both fresh and silk–that pay tribute to their loved one. Today, we remember one occasion where flowers really made a difference.

We had a customer come in frantic because she was trying to get some silks done for her mother’s grave site. She had been buried a few years previous, and the family had purchased a new site so that she and her husband could be buried next to one another.

Organizing the move with the cemetery was an ordeal, but getting the right flowers would quickly add to it. The customer had purchased some silk designs on clearance from a chain craft store, but the silks designer was unavailable to help her with those designs at the last minute. This left our customer in a panic, as she needed them in just a few days.

She found us online and gave us a call to ask if we’d be willing to fix these silk arrangements for her mother’s grave site. We walked her through the options and told her we’d be more than happy to work with her products. In fact, we’d even add to them to make them what she was really looking for. Once she brought by the products, we were able to get them designed into two really nice cemetery cone arrangements for her. We added in some fillers and greenery to make the design full and elegant and were able to truly satisfy her needs.

As an added bonus, she said our designs looked prettier than what both the cemetery and craft stores were offering. She said she’d be back to change out the arrangements for her mother’s grave site seasonally. It was great to connect with this customer and help her at such a trying time. These are the moments where flowers really make a difference.


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