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Posted by The Flower Bucket on September 9, 2017 Housewarming Flowers

Welcoming New Neighbors with Flowers

new neighborsWhen you have great neighbors, every day is a little better. And when new neighbors move in, you can be the one to welcome them and become their first friend! Housewarming gifts are a wonderful way to let them know that you are glad they have arrived, and to help them to settle into their new  place.

The Flower Bucket has been welcoming people into San Antonio for decades, and we look forward to providing people with beautiful and unique gifts. 

One of our favorite recommendations for housewarming is our Majestic Flutterby collections. Colorful flowers, wind chimes and good wishes combine to create a gorgeous decorative piece for the home. These are great indoors or on the patio, and will make a new home feel warm and comfortable. new neighbors

Another favorite housewarming recommendation is the orchid, a bloom which is delicate and elegant, and has the ability to fit into nearly any home decor. Whether you are adding the color of a country garden, or the sophistication of a contemporary modern home, an orchid is sure to make a great first impression. new neighbors

Green plants are always a popular choice, but we think succulents should not be forgotten! Their unique beauty is diverse and long-lasting, and our succulent gardens are sure to start a conversation. In decorative containers and with organic accents, these arrangements are one-of-a-kind, and will be a great way to say welcome!

new neighbors

The Flower Bucket knows full well the power of flowers and plants – we see it all the time! Greet your new San Antonio neighbors with beauty, class, style- and a warm thoughtful gesture they won’t soon forget.

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