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homecoming flowers

The excitement and nostalgia surrounding homecoming weekend is part of beloved tradition, but your formal flowers don’t need to be old-school. The beautiful homecoming flowers from The Flower Bucket are designed with the most exquisite flowers and creative artistry, and are guaranteed to make sure that your look is as memorable as the events themselves.

For any of your San Antonio homecoming events – from the court to the football field to the dance floor – you can trust our team to provide you with trendy, fashion-forward corsages and boutonnieres unlike any others. 


homecoming flowers First, a Little History: The words corsage and boutonniere are both French in origin. In Victorian times, women wore flowers on the bodice of their dress both for fashion purposes and to ward off some of the more unpleasant odors inherent in a society before modern sanitation and hygiene. The bodice of the dress was also known as a corsage, and the flowers, “Bouquets des corsages”. Eventually the term referencing the flowers was shortened to simply corsage. The word boutonniere simply means “button hole flower”, which makes sense. When coats in the 19th century began to have lapels which folded over, buttonholes were exposed and boutonnieres were considered a classy way to fill the void.

homecoming flowers

Should My Corsage Match My Dress? Of course, the flowers generally compliment the color of the dress, but it is not necessary to have the shades match perfectly. In fact, complimentary colors can be quite striking, and will help to avoid your flowers “disappearing” visually into the dress. Choose your dress first, then come in to discuss color palettes and blooms which will best accessorize your look.

Aren’t Corsages for My Grandmother? While the custom has been around for centuries, The Flower Bucket utilizes new design trends, fresh colors, and artistic creativity when designing homecoming flowers. You’ll turn every head and catch every eye with these unique and beautiful pieces!

homecoming flowers

Do the Boutonnieres Need to Match the Corsage? In Victorian Europe, boutonnieres became an important part of fashion. Often, men wore a flower which had been “plucked” from the corsage of his wife or intended bride, as a sign of their love and connection.This tradition has come down through the ages, and generally, a man’s boutonniere will be a small token which looks as if it had been a part of his partner’s corsage.

homecoming flowers Homecoming flowers are a beautiful element of the overall celebrations we enjoy over this special weekend. Whatever your need for formal flowers, you can be assured that the designers at The Flower Bucket have the most beautiful options in San Antonio – remember, these aren’t your parent’s flowers!



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