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Posted by The Flower Bucket on July 31, 2017 Sympathy

Traditional Sympathy Flowers

traditional sympathy flowers

For decades, The Flower Bucket has provided the flowers for all of life’s occasions. We infuse color and happiness into the joyful times, and provide beautiful solace during the more difficult times. If you have recently lost someone close to you, we offer our sincere condolences.

Our experts can provide help in choosing the most appropriate and most meaningful flowers for the memorial service – whether traditional sympathy flowers for the wake, or a more personal and intimate design to be sent directly to the family home. We will guide you through all the options, so that you can feel confident in selecting the flowers which will best express your love and support. 

The immediate family generally selects the casket spray or urn arrangement; as well as the funeral flowers which decorate the memorial service.  However, extended family, colleagues and friends will often send formal arrangements to the funeral home to convey condolences. These arrangements normally take the form of a spray, cross or wreath displayed on an easel, and are situated around the service. These designs can be created to be complimentary to the family’s choice of color palette and floral variety (simply call the florist providing the funeral flowers) or can reflect a more personal memory. For instance, our designers can create a piece which honors their favorite pastime or hobby, a favorite sports team, or a favorite charity or cause. You may also opt for florals which have traditional meaning, such as gladioli  – considered the “flower of remembrance” – or lilies, which signify hope of new life.

traditional sympathy flowers

It may be meaningful for you to send a more personal arrangement. This is generally the case when you are close with the family of the decedent, and both floral baskets or bouquets are appropriate. These types of flowers, along with green and blooming plants, can be sent either to the funeral home or family home.

Traditional Sympathy FlowersRemind them of Your Love:  A gift received after all of the guests and visitors have left can bring great comfort, and will let the family know that they are still in your thoughts. Schedule a bright bouquet to be delivered in a few months, and rest assured knowing how deeply it will be appreciated.

If you need advice, simply ask a member of The Flower Bucket team. We will help you with empathy and care, and manage all of the service details. We deliver to all San Antonio funeral homes, and are here to assist in any way we can.

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