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White: An Inspired Color For Summer Flowers

By The Flower Bucket on August 20, 2018 in Flowers, Summer Flowers. 0 Comments

When you think about Labor Day approaching, do you start to mentally run through all of the white items you’ll need to put away until next summer? So many winter fabrics, textiles, and accent pieces are now available in white that it is not just for summer anymore. If you’re ready to update your home’s look and bring a modern feel to your classic decor, try including all-white floral arrangements in your favorite space. The floral designers at The Flower Bucket have some incredible designs that will lend a fresh new feel to any room. Read More about White: An Inspired Color For Summer Flowers

Beautiful Flowers For Bees

By The Flower Bucket on August 13, 2018 in Flowers, Summer Flowers. 0 Comments

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy garden that serves a greater purpose can be a truly rewarding experience. Growing produce and including pollinating insects are two great ways your garden can be as helpful as it in beautiful. Bee-friendly flowers like hydrangea, daisies, and lavender allow bees to work in a safe environment. Use dill, onion or marigolds as an alternative to chemicals for repelling unwanted insects. Provide a bit of shade or ground cover for hot days, and some fresh water to keep bees hydrated as they work. The Flower Bucket encourages you to grow your garden responsibly so you can having lasting rewards from your efforts. Read More about Beautiful Flowers For Bees

A Tropical Vacation That Comes To You

By The Flower Bucket on July 2, 2018 in Flowers. 0 Comments

If you and your loved one have a fabulous trip awaiting on the horizon, think about ways to build the excitement as you prepare to leave. Eating local foods, learning a bit of local language and surrounding yourself with local flowers are all great ways to prepare yourself mentally and spiritually for the exciting encounters you’re sure to experience once you arrive. The Flower Bucket has amazing bouquets full of flowers from all over the world. Talk to us about some of our most inspiring arrangements. Read More about A Tropical Vacation That Comes To You

A Tropical Touch To Your Summer Table

By The Flower Bucket on June 18, 2018 in Flowers, Summer Flowers. 0 Comments

Creating a formal dining event is all about attention to detail. Everything works together purposefully to create an overall effect that you’ll present to your guests. That kind of preparation takes time and thoughtfulness. While the flowers you choose to accent your table should be well-considered, there’s no need to add stress to that area of your planning. Let the floral experts at The Flower Bucket work with you to find or design the perfect arrangement for your next event. Read More about A Tropical Touch To Your Summer Table

Elegant Summer Hydrangea

By The Flower Bucket on July 9, 2017 in Flowers, hydrangea. 0 Comments

This month, we would like to introduce you to one of our favorite summer flowers, the hydrangea. You may have heard of this bloom before, but you may not be able to pick it out as you would a rose, or a sunflower. The reason lies in the fact that although this gorgeous flower offers a lovely color palette, as well as large and generous flowers, the hydrangea is most often designed as a backdrop for other, more well-known blooms. But here at The Flower Bucket, we know that this special flower deserves a little more recognition, and so we decided to bring it center-stage for the summer season. A Little Background: The hydrangea was originally discovered in Japan, but it grows well all over the world. There are 75 different varieties of the flower, most exhibiting shades of pink and blue. Pale green petals are often the result of fading pigmentation, although some white and green hybrids have been cultivated.  Read More about Elegant Summer Hydrangea

Growing a Purposeful Garden

By The Flower Bucket on July 3, 2017 in Flowers, Summer Flowers. 0 Comments

The natural world is nothing if not spectacular. Not only are the singular components of nature amazing and fascinating, but the synergy showcased by our ecosystem is something quite incredible. During the summer months, the interconnected lives of flowers, bees, butterflies - and us - are easy to see. After all, flowers require that butterflies and bees pollinate. And human beings rely on that pollination in many ways for our food supply. The decline of the bee population worldwide is something that will affect us all  - therefore, cultivating a garden that is not only beautiful but that support bees and butterflies in their pollination duties is something to strive for. The floral experts at The Flower Bucket would like to take this opportunity to share some methods that you can use to grow a purposeful garden that is as good for the ecosystem as it is for the beauty of your yard. Read More about Growing a Purposeful Garden