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We’re Showcasing Our Designer & Mom

By The Flower Bucket on May 7, 2018 in Floral Design, Flower Gifts, Mother's Day. 0 Comments

In honor of Mother's Day, The Flower Bucket is shining the spotlight on one of our very own floral designers and moms. She shares her experience and insight when it comes to both raising kids and choosing flowers. Name: Nieves Vasquez Kids first names & ages: Joshua, 14, and Matthew, 12. How did you get into floral work? I started with a school program at 16 years old. What do you love most about working with flowers? Every floral arrangement is a piece of art. Every arrangement is different. Read More about We’re Showcasing Our Designer & Mom

Go Get You Some Flowers

By The Flower Bucket on February 26, 2018 in Flower Gifts, Flowers. 0 Comments

We won't lie, we here at The Flower Bucket think giving yourself a gift of flowers on the regular is a really good idea. But it's not just because we're in the business of getting said flowers in your hands that we say that---it's because to get them there, we have to spend a lot of time around them. Like all day, every day. So not only do we know flowers, but we know their effects. We know they uplift the mood, clear the mind, connect a person with nature, appeal to the senses, inspire with their beauty . . . We could go on. The point is, flowers are good for the soul, and that's why you should be giving them to yourself. Read More about Go Get You Some Flowers

Flowers That Matter A Whole Bunch

By The Flower Bucket on February 19, 2018 in Floral Design, Flower Gifts. 0 Comments

The Flower Bucket knows that not every flower-giving occasion is created equal. There's a big difference in pinning a corsage onto your prom date and buying your sweetheart her tenth year of red roses at Valentine's Day. The former is an example of when a flower exchange takes a moment and makes it into a memory, and these are the occasions we love most. The intimate personal exchanges that happen between people with flowers is one of our favorite reasons to give them. Read More about Flowers That Matter A Whole Bunch

Color Up Your Home With Pantone’s Color Of The Year

By The Flower Bucket on January 21, 2018 in Floral Design, Flowers. 0 Comments

When Pantone® announced in early December 2018 that their chosen color for 2018 would be Ultra Violet, it’s hard to imagine that there weren’t a lot of collective sighs and head shaking among designers throughout the world. Our floral designers at The Flower Bucket in San Antonio love our creative challenges, and this is an exciting one because of the intensity of the color. Read More about Color Up Your Home With Pantone’s Color Of The Year

Handsome Hues for Veterans Day

By The Flower Bucket on October 27, 2017 in Veterans Day. 0 Comments

Between Halloween and Thanksgiving there's Veterans Day, an occasion we've celebrated in one form or another since 1919, when it was called "Armistice Day" and devoted to remembering the end of WWI the year before. Today, it's a time to honor our U.S. military veterans for their incredible service to country. And while our San Antonio community comes together to celebrate these heroes, we may also want to personally extend our gratitude to our deserving family and friends through a gift like flowers. Given that the overwhelming majority of vets are male, The Flower Bucket suggests that you pick an arrangement rich with handsome hues. Read More about Handsome Hues for Veterans Day

Mixing it up with Mums

By The Flower Bucket on October 20, 2017 in Autumn Flowers. 0 Comments

November's favorite flower explodes onto our doorsteps and walkways as early as September, such is our excitement over the arrival of Fall. Along with Pumpkin Spice Latte and the hope (cross-your-fingers) that we'll get to don sweaters soon, mums are a special Fall treat. We're no different here at The Flower Bucket in how fully we embrace the season, and we've got the mum arrangements to prove it.  Read More about Mixing it up with Mums

Spirited Halloween & Harvest Decor

By The Flower Bucket on October 5, 2017 in Halloween Flowers. 0 Comments

Fall is a wonderful excuse to revive your home with fresh plants and flowers. There's so much spirited Halloween and harvest decor available, and that's the case for blooms, too. Arrangements run the gamut from country baskets with rustic florals to sleek black-and-white stunners, all of them intended to warm up your home (and scare up some fun) for the season. This October at The Flower Bucket, we're conjuring up some romance with a variety of florals and greens that will help dress up your Halloween scene. Read More about Spirited Halloween & Harvest Decor

Kind Gestures on Sweetest Day

By The Flower Bucket on October 5, 2017 in Holidays, Sweetest Day. 0 Comments

Sweetest Day is a day set aside for kind gestures and sweet acts of kindness. Although not the most well-known of holidays throughout the United States, the observance has been popular in the Midwest and the Northeast for over 100 years. Sweetest Day began in Cleveland in the early 1900's, as a day when local candy companies would give out thousands of boxes of chocolates to the underprivileged, orphaned and shut-in. The idea caught on thanks to broad media coverage, and within 5 years, New York State also adopted the concept. Since we love the idea of giving gifts for no other reason than to make people feel valued, happy and loved, The Flower Bucket has put together a Sweetest Day collection sure to make your loved ones smile.  Read More about Kind Gestures on Sweetest Day

Celebrating San Antonio’s Best Bosses

By The Flower Bucket on September 24, 2017 in Corporate Gifts. 0 Comments

There is no denying that having a great boss can make day to day life much more enjoyable. Although bosses come with a wide range of personality types and management styles, experts tell us that there are some attributes that are common to the most successful among them. It is the great bosses that we look to celebrate on October 16 - and The Flower Bucket has the floral designs, plants and gifts that will let them know that they are appreciated! Did You Know? It is estimated that there are 11 million people in the United States workforce who hold the title of boss, supervisor, or employer.  Read More about Celebrating San Antonio’s Best Bosses

Fall Flowers & Home Decor

By The Flower Bucket on September 14, 2017 in Autumn Flowers, Flowers. 0 Comments

The expectation of autumn is exciting for many reasons. The air begins to cool off a bit, the leaves in Lost Maples State Park are turning colors, and even our coffee reflects plenty of pumpkin spice. Autumn colors are emerging everywhere, from attire to decor - and we love to change things up to reflect the new season!  At The Flower Bucket, our floral designers have created the fall flowers and autumn home decor that will transform your space with inviting hospitality. The true hallmark of autumn decor is the vibrant color palettes.  Vivid yellows, burnt oranges, rich golds and deep burgundies add comfort and warmth to your environment, utilizing many of the fall flowers you love.  Read More about Fall Flowers & Home Decor