Caring for Your Indoor Flowering Plants and Succulents

indoor flowering plants

Wandering along River Walk or through the peaceful San Antonio Botanical Gardens is good for the soul. Being surrounded by greenery and flowers elevates our sense of well-being and promotes peace and serenity. Therefore it is no surprise that we love to fill our homes and office spaces with indoor flowering plants as well, bringing the outdoors in and enjoying all the benefits that plants bring to our lives. This month, we’d like to return the favor to some of our favorite plants, by recommending a few that are not only beautiful but easy to care for – guaranteeing that you can transform your environment with minimal work and worry.

The Flower Bucket would like to remind you that there are a lot of special occasions right around the corner – from Easter to Administrative Professionals Day to Mother’s Day – these indoor flowering plants will make amazing, long-lasting gifts! Continue reading