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Super Ladies Deserve Super Flowers

It’s an important month for the women in our lives—or as we here at The Flower Bucket like to call them, “super ladies.” After all, we’ve got Mother’s Day, National Nurses Day, National Teachers Day and the entire week of May 6 through 12 officially devoted to appreciating the latter two. In these female dominated fields, we’ve got mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, friends, colleagues, neighbors. In other words, the women we honor in May are wearing many hats, educating, inspiring, protecting and nurturing the rest of us. They do their best to empower us, and we should definitely do that right back. One way to honor the super ladies in our lives is to give them flowers. Lots and lots of flowers.

Make your thanks concrete with a thoughtful, elegant floral gift. We loveĀ Oh Happy Day because a) it’s definitely bound to bring one and b) it’s a striking design that balances grace with cheerfulness and spirit. Pink daisies, green mums, a cloud of hydrangea and some greenery reaching for the stars. What’s not to love about this sweet design, set in a Mason jar?

This can go straight to the teacher’s desk or nurse’s station and make everyone happy, but no one more than its recipient. When we make our appreciation arrive in the form flowers and greens, we’re reminding our wonder women how important they are.

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