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Posted by The Flower Bucket on March 12, 2018 hydrangea Spring Flowers

Spring’s Blossoming In Our Shop

The Flower Bucket is lucky; we get to experience spring in a different way (and earlier) than the average person—we have flowers. Our seasonal blooms start arriving in all of their glory ahead of spring’s actual due date, and we get to begin designing in advance. Welcoming these flowers into our store is one of the best parts of the season, especially seeing as they are full of rich meaning and symbolism.

A perfect example of what we mean is our Beauty in Blossom design, which showcases some of the most traditional flowers associated with the season. Orange roses are not only a vivid, energetic flower to look at and fragrant to boot, but they have long been symbolic of the feeling between friendship and romantic love that yellow and red roses might communicate. Here they add a burst of fresh color that isn’t too bold. Alongside it, paper thin hydrangea in the softest blush hue billow up like a cloud. The texture you get from this flower is like none other in terms of suggesting lush abundance. And when they appear in this color, they mean heartfelt feeling.

When we create flower designs, we think not just about how the items we choose will look together and what effect they will give, but also about what they symbolize. There’s so much to say about spring, and we love saying it through flowers.

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