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Special Flowers To Give For The Whole Year

Here at The Flower Bucket, we’re intimately familiar with all of the ways people give flowers to each other. We’ve seen all of the occasions, all of the approaches, and made all of the arrangements. We’re continually surprised by the imagination and creativity that comes into play when we exchange flowers, both on our part and on our clients’. One concept we love is giving flowers for a year, an approach that makes a lot of sense at the New Year.

Imagine sending your loved one a design like our Carolyn’s Paradise with a card message that indicates there will be much more to come – 11 more in fact, one flower delivery per month. It’s easy to pull off, simply set up a standing order with us at a price point you like and then we’ll deliver a fresh bunch of seasonal blooms to your lucky recipient each month. You can choose the flowers yourself or let us come up with something; it’s entirely up to you.

We love this concept because it combines the surprise and delight that always accompanies a flower delivery with the promise that this will be a continued gift. Your lucky recipient will get to experience the pleasure of receiving flowers multiple times over the year, a constant reminder of your love and affection.