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Posted by The Flower Bucket on August 21, 2017 Birthday Flowers

Sapphires, Asters & September Birthdays

September birthdays

We all love holidays, as we create many wonderful memories throughout the year with family and friends. But birthdays are personal, holidays which belong completely to us! Therefore, when it comes time to celebrate a loved one’s special day, The Flower Bucket is eager to work with you to make their September birthdays amazing!

Ambassadors of September: The birthstone of September is the brilliant sapphire, and the birth flower is the aster. Our floral designers use each of these as inspiration for some of the most beautiful birthday bouquets in San Antonio. 

September birthdays

Although true “sapphire-blue” flowers are rare, there are some floral varieties which perfectly exude the vivid hue. Look to the blue delphinium, blue hydrangea, larkspur, and blue asters for September gemstone inspired bouquets.

The aster is perfect as the September birth flower, as it blooms from late summer through early fall. The aster is related to the sunflower and other similar flowers, and exhibits the same design – ray florets surrounding a disk center. Here is a bit of interesting trivia – the aster comes in a wide variety of colors, but the center disk is always bright yellow.

September birthdaysAnother way to infuse your celebrations with the celestial, majestic blue of the sapphire is with colorful design elements. Ask our designers for a deep blue vase, or a blue satin ribbon. White flowers with blue stock create a peaceful and subtle arrangement that will deliver the birthday sentiments in style.

Did You Know? The sapphire actually occurs in a wide range of colors, but it is ithe iconic blue shade which is considered the most valuable. In ancient cultures, the blue stone was considered a divine gift from the gods, and was only owned by the rich,royal, or religious elite.

No matter your occasion, and no matter the inspiration – the floral designers at The Flower Bucket are awaiting your call. In San Antonio, we provide unforgettable September birthdays for all of the most special people.

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