Celebrating San Antonio’s Best Bosses

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There is no denying that having a great boss can make day to day life much more enjoyable. Although bosses come with a wide range of personality types and management styles, experts tell us that there are some attributes that are common to the most successful among them. It is the great bosses that we look to celebrate on October 16 – and The Flower Bucket has the floral designs, plants and gifts that will let them know that they are appreciated!

Did You Know? It is estimated that there are 11 million people in the United States workforce who hold the title of boss, supervisor, or employer. 


So what are the character traits which make up a great boss? For one thing, they are passionate people – they love their job, their company, and the people they work with. They have excitement about the team’s mission and goals, and that excitement is infectious.

Great bosses are humble in nature, they are not afraid to roll up their sleeves to pitch in, and they like to share the accolades that come their way. However, should a negative review or situation arise, they will take responsibility and not throw their team member into the ring.

Some Great Gift Ideas:  Plants are excellent for an office atmosphere, and blend easily into a corporate suite or a retail storefront. Plants and Sunshine, shown above, combines lush greenery with bright sunflowers; while the classic bromeliad plant, shown below, adds color and exotic flair to the space. Both are easy to care for , and are long lasting reminders of your appreciation.


The surest sign of a great boss is the loyalty of their team. These successful people lead by example, and garner respect not by virtue of their title, but because they are admired for their guidance, integrity and encouragement. They have created a positive and productive environment, and gained the admiration of those who work for them. If you are lucky enough to work for such a person, October 16 should be on your calendar!

One of our favorite ways to celebrate National Bosses Day is with a gourmet gift basket – from fruit, to chocolate, to cheese and crackers, everyone loves receiving a basket of treats! And if your office is a bit more health conscious, we’ve created a basket for you too!


For National Boss’s Day or any other special occasion, The Flower Bucket has all the gifts perfect for conveying your sentiments. Across San Antonio or across the country, we are your source for beautiful floral designs and more.



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