Romantic Arrangements & Bouquets

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romantic arrangements

Anyone can be romantic on Valentine’s Day, but it takes someone truly special to keep the romance going year-round. This month, you are getting a little assistance, as August is officially National Romance Month. You have 31 days to be spontaneous, have fun, and share the love with your sweetheart. If you need some ideas, the team at The Flower Bucket has them – after all, we help people to send gifts of love and romance every day!

Get Love Brewing: If you don’t have anyone to share romance with, head to a coffee shop! Statistics tell us that every year, approximately 10,000 marriages are attributed to an initial meeting over coffee. Just another reason to love the country’s favorite beverage. 

romantic arrangements

Flowers for Every Stage of Romance: Giving flowers is appropriate at any stage of your relationship, as long as you follow a few tips. For instance, if you hand someone a dozen red roses on a second date, you may scare them away – so stick to daisies, purple roses and multi-colored carnations – all indicative of new love, hope in the relationship, and fascination with your new friend. Pink or orange roses are appropriate once you become an item, and red roses are generally reserved for those deeply in love or in a committed relationship. If you’ve been married a long time, peonies and ivy speak to marital happiness and loyalty, and orchids to the mature beauty of love.

romantic arrangementsGoing for the Record: The longest engagement on record was 67 years. After getting engaged at 15, the loving couple finally tied the knot when they turned 82. The longest marriage on the books is held by a very romantic Canadian couple, who enjoyed wedded bliss for 79 years.

Romance is in the air in San Antonio – can you feel it? The floral designers at The Flower Bucket have put together an entire collection of romantic flowers for you to choose from – or you can call us, and we will be happy to create a custom bouquet as special as your sweetheart is.



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