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Posted by The Flower Bucket on December 26, 2018 Floral Design Flowers Holidays

Refreshing New Year’s Blooms

As the New Year approaches, we tend to look for ways to make changes to our lives that will refresh and inspire us as we move forward. At The Flower Bucket, we feel flowers are a great way to do this! Here’s why:

  • Flowers help freshen the air. Plants and flowers are natural air purifiers, absorbing toxins and other impurities while emitting life-giving oxygen so you can breathe easier, think clearer and focus better.
  • Flowers help you de-stress. Place flowers in your work environment to lower stress levels. The green foliage is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, creating a calm environment.
  • Flowers help you think creatively. Studies show that looking at your favorite colors can have a positive impact on your creative thought. Make sure you have colorful blooms nearby whenever you begin working on a creative project.

A gorgeous celebration of the New Year is our Blue Blossoms arrangement. This design features white lilies, blue delphinium, white and yellow roses, hydrangea and more in a tall, showy display.

Make significant positive changes with refreshing New Year’s blooms this year. Talk to the floral artisans at The Flower Bucket to discover the best floral designs for your new year.

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