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Growing a Purposeful Garden

By The Flower Bucket on July 3, 2017 in Flowers, Summer Flowers. 0 Comments

The natural world is nothing if not spectacular. Not only are the singular components of nature amazing and fascinating, but the synergy showcased by our ecosystem is something quite incredible. During the summer months, the interconnected lives of flowers, bees, butterflies - and us - are easy to see. After all, flowers require that butterflies and bees pollinate. And human beings rely on that pollination in many ways for our food supply. The decline of the bee population worldwide is something that will affect us all  - therefore, cultivating a garden that is not only beautiful but that support bees and butterflies in their pollination duties is something to strive for. The floral experts at The Flower Bucket would like to take this opportunity to share some methods that you can use to grow a purposeful garden that is as good for the ecosystem as it is for the beauty of your yard. Read More about Growing a Purposeful Garden

July 4th Flowers, San Antonio Style

By The Flower Bucket on June 22, 2017 in July 4th. 0 Comments

They say everything is bigger in Texas - and we definitely do have our own style! With our colorful history and unique story, Texas is bold and bright, just like the holiday we celebrate this month. July 4th is one of our favorite days of the summer - everyone has the day off, the grills are fired up, and from parades to pyrotechnics, the air is electric. This year, add true American spirit and patriotic pride with floral designs and arrangements from The Flower Bucket. July 4th flowers never looked so good! Read More about July 4th Flowers, San Antonio Style

June is Wedding Month

By The Flower Bucket on June 8, 2017 in Anniversaries & Weddings. 0 Comments

June is Wedding Month, aptly designated because more couples choose to walk down the aisle in June than any other month of the calendar year. And here at The Flower Bucket, we couldn't be more excited!  This month, we celebrate everyone who is getting married in June, or who has gotten married in June in the past. In fact, Wedding Month is all about celebrating all weddings, and the beautiful flowers surrounding your relationship from engagement to 50th anniversary. Where to Find Us: For beautiful inspiration, check out The Flower Bucket's Wedding Pinterest Boards, which offer hundreds of images to spark your imagination. We would also like to point you to our Wedding Site for information on traditions, planning tips, and more photos.  Read More about June is Wedding Month

Finding the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

By The Flower Bucket on May 26, 2017 in Father's Day. 0 Comments

It's Father's Day! So break out the fishing pole, fire up the grill, or turn on the game - this day is all about him. And while you could be like most people when shopping for Father's Day gift, we'd like to suggest thinking a bit out-of-the-box this year. After all, your dad is special and unique - shouldn't his gift be too? Quick Trivia: The most common Father's Day gift is still purchased at a clothing store, while hardware stores and sporting goods stores are also the usual places to seek out the perfect item. We recommend that you come to The Flower Bucket instead!  Read More about Finding the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Memorial Day Floral Designs

By The Flower Bucket on May 19, 2017 in Memorial Day. 0 Comments

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. - Joseph Campbell Memorial Day gives us an opportunity to stop and reflect on the many men and women throughout our history who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.  It is a day filled with patriotism and gratitude, and at The Flower Bucket, we have the Memorial Day Floral Designs that will convey your sentiments and honor the fallen.  Read More about Memorial Day Floral Designs

Golden Spring Flowers & Arrangements

By The Flower Bucket on May 12, 2017 in Flowers, Spring Flowers. 0 Comments

The mention of springtime conjures up thoughts of blue skies, wildflowers, and sunny days - all of which are captured in the beautiful spring floral designs from The Flower Bucket. Whether looking to commemorate a special occasion or simply to augment your seasonal home decor - these arrangements are the perfect way to celebrate the spirit of springtime in San Antonio. What are your favorite spring flowers? Give us a call and we will create a custom bouquet just for you.  Read More about Golden Spring Flowers & Arrangements

Mother’s Day Stories from The Flower Bucket Team

By The Flower Bucket on May 8, 2017 in Mother's Day. 0 Comments

There really is no one like a Mom! On Mother's Day, many people will call us to send flowers to their moms - and all of us at The Flower Bucket love being able to help you to express your sentiments. We thought that this year, we would also take the opportunity to share a little bit about OUR families - because just like you, we love our mothers, and we love being mothers! These Mother's Day stories reflect our families, and we hope that on May 14, you'll allow us to help you to write another page in your story. Read More about Mother’s Day Stories from The Flower Bucket Team

Flowers for Mother’s Day

By The Flower Bucket on April 28, 2017 in Flowers, Mother's Day. 0 Comments

Mother's Day in the United States had a rocky road on the way to becoming one of our most celebrated holidays. A woman named Anna Jarvis petitioned the U.S. Congress for several years to get them to adopt her idea and institute a national holiday, and she was finally successful in 1908. However, several decades later she had a change of heart. The very same Ms. Jarvis petitioned Congress to remove the holiday from the calendar, lamenting that people were not celebrating the day in the way she intended. Of course, she was unsuccessful and we've been honoring Mom ever since. Although Mom deserves accolades every day of the year, Mother's Day affords us a special opportunity to convey all of the love and respect that we feel, The floral designers at The Flower Bucket have created a Mother's Day floral collection featuring arrangements suitable for every mom, no matter her personal style. Browse the collection and decide - which one is best for your mother? Read More about Flowers for Mother’s Day