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Refreshing New Year’s Blooms

By The Flower Bucket on December 26, 2018 in Floral Design, Flowers, Holidays. 0 Comments

As the New Year approaches, we tend to look for ways to make changes to our lives that will refresh and inspire us as we move forward. At The Flower Bucket, we feel flowers are a great way to do this! Here's why: Flowers help freshen the air. Plants and flowers are natural air purifiers, absorbing toxins and other impurities while emitting life-giving oxygen so you can breathe easier, think clearer and focus better. Flowers help you de-stress. Place flowers in your work environment to lower stress levels. The green foliage is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, creating a calm environment. Flowers help you think creatively. Studies show that looking at your favorite colors can have a positive impact on your creative thought. Make sure you have colorful blooms nearby whenever you begin working on a creative project. Read More about Refreshing New Year’s Blooms

Christmas Wreaths for Veterans

By The Flower Bucket on December 10, 2018 in Holidays, Sympathy. 0 Comments

The holiday season is filled with joy, merry hearts and glad tidings, but for the families of fallen veterans, it can also be a time of great sadness. They become even more aware of the absence of their loved one as the once-a-year traditions approach. For these individuals, we suggest participating in a wreath-laying ceremony like Wreaths Across America. This ceremony of placing flowers or Christmas wreaths for veterans on their grave sites commenced at Arlington National Cemetery and is now observed across the U.S. and abroad. Find a ceremony like this in your community or begin your own as a way of updating your holiday traditions and paying tribute to our fallen heroes. The floral designers at The Flower Bucket have designed a beautiful collection of holiday wreaths and flowers just for such occasions.  Read More about Christmas Wreaths for Veterans

DIY Holiday Designs

By The Flower Bucket on December 3, 2018 in Floral Design, Flower Gifts, Holidays. 0 Comments

Every year as the holidays approach, we begin to decorate our homes with the spirit of the season in mind. This year, consider adding to your collection of holiday decor by crafting your own do-it-yourself design. One great project is this Mistletoe Kissing Ball that will pair beautifully with your custom-arranged holiday flowers and other ornaments or decor. The floral designers at The Flower Bucket have created a beautiful collection of holiday arrangements to give as gifts or display throughout your home. Read More about DIY Holiday Designs

Inspiring Christmas Decor

By The Flower Bucket on November 26, 2018 in Flowers, Holidays. 0 Comments

The holiday season is a great time to bring the warmth and spirit of Christmas into your home through lovely decorations, ornaments, lights and centerpieces. Create a cozy, joyful atmosphere in your home this season with beautiful touches like a classic sprig of mistletoe, a garland draped across your decorated fireplace mantel, or a lovely poinsettia gracing your front porch or entryway. The beauty of the season can be yours with a few simple, elegant touches throughout your home. Take a look at the best-selling holiday collection the designers at The Flower Bucket have created for you to peruse. Read More about Inspiring Christmas Decor

Blooming Holiday Baskets

By The Flower Bucket on November 19, 2018 in Autumn Flowers, Floral Design, Holidays, Thanksgiving. 0 Comments

As the holiday season approaches, we begin to think about decorating our house for the season. Don’t forget to include your home office in your decorating plans for the holidays. Something as simple and elegant as a lovely holiday wreath or lush dish garden can mean the difference between a cheerful, spirited work environment and one that is otherwise ordinary. Take a look at the beautiful handmade holiday collection designed by the floral artisans at The Flower Bucket just for you this season. Read More about Blooming Holiday Baskets

The Most Fun Thanksgiving Ever

By The Flower Bucket on November 5, 2018 in Autumn Flowers, Thanksgiving. 0 Comments

If your Thanksgiving plans include a stressful day of cooking, cleaning and barely enjoying family, maybe it’s time to consider an alternative. Let your Thanksgiving be a day to stay in pajamas, eat what you want, and enjoy the people around you. Decorate your table for Thanksgiving and let your family enjoy this day of gratitude your way. You can even include a fabulous centerpiece delivered by The Flower Bucket for a simple yet elegant accent to your relaxing day. Read More about The Most Fun Thanksgiving Ever

Grace Your Table With Fall’s Flowers

By The Flower Bucket on October 28, 2018 in Autumn Flowers. 0 Comments

Now that fall is settling in, we know you’re eager to start celebrating this gorgeous season. The floral designers at The Flower Bucket have created a beautiful collection of fall centerpieces to grace your table, plus, we have some design tips to help you make the most of your piece: Use floral foam soaked in a flower food and water mix. Allow the foam to become saturated, then remove immediately before it can disintegrate. Add greenery and foliage next, spacing evenly and leaving plenty of space so that you can see your floral foam between the pieces of foliage. Next, distribute your blooms evenly among the greenery. Be sure stems are cut short, at an angle, and are cleaned from excessive foliage. Finally, view your design from all sides to ensure fullness and evenness from every angle. Read More about Grace Your Table With Fall’s Flowers

Fall’s Textures On Your Table

By The Flower Bucket on October 22, 2018 in Uncategorized. 0 Comments

The arrival of fall is something to celebrate. Decorating your home for the season has never been more simple or pleasant than with these tips from The Flower Bucket: Bring positive energy into your home when you use plenty of texture found in nature. Bold harvest textures that connect you to the natural world have a soothing effect on a room. Include bold colors in harvest hues that inspire feelings of autumn throughout your home. Creamy beige, rustic oranges, goldenrod, sage and plum all bring a coziness to your home as the cooler temperatures set in. Allow the aromas of fall to fill your home. Delicious scents like cinnamon, pumpkin spice, apples and cloves create balance and joy. Read More about Fall’s Textures On Your Table

Stylish Flowers For Halloween

By The Flower Bucket on October 14, 2018 in Autumn Flowers, Flower Gifts, Halloween Flowers. 0 Comments

With Halloween approaching, there is much to be decided when it comes to decorating for this festive holiday. When you want to maintain a stylish, sophisticated look, think about including flowers and foliage in autumn colors and textures as a way of representing the entire season. Bring the feeling of woodsy autumn trails inside this season with a beautiful bouquet of autumn flowers. The floral artisans at The Flower Bucket are creating some exquisite pieces that will add to the ambiance of fall in any setting this season. Read More about Stylish Flowers For Halloween