Mother Nature’s Freshest Blooms For Earth Day

By The Flower Bucket on April 16, 2018 in Earth Day, Flowers. 0 Comments

Earth Day has orbited back around again, and here at The Flower Bucket, we’re thrilled that our San Antonio community has found so many ways to promote environmental awareness, from celebrations to plantings to even a plogging party (picking up trash while jogging). We truly know how to join in on the global effort to preserve our beautiful planet, and to have a good time doing it. To that end, we think Earth Day is also the perfect opportunity to gather together with friends and family and have an outdoor dinner. What better way to cap off a day of helping the planet be a better, healthier, happier place than a dinner party with the people you love?

If you take our advice and host a backyard meal, you’ll want to top the table with something that feels like it came from the forest or the garden. You’ll want a piece that has a natural, free-form quality like our Fresh Picked. Bright and bountiful, this design aims high and gives off a dynamic, fluid feel.

Held together in a modern glass vase, this is the perfect floral tribute to Earth Day. Spend April 22 both conserving and celebrating our planet’s abundant natural resources.



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