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Posted by The Flower Bucket on October 20, 2017 Autumn Flowers

Mixing it up with Mums

November’s favorite flower explodes onto our doorsteps and walkways as early as September, such is our excitement over the arrival of Fall. Along with Pumpkin Spice Latte and the hope (cross-your-fingers) that we’ll get to don sweaters soon, mums are a special Fall treat. We’re no different here at The Flower Bucket in how fully we embrace the season, and we’ve got the mum arrangements to prove it. 

Nothing sets Fall florals apart quite like the colors. We can introduce a range of harvest hues into our home spaces, and lucky for us, mums come in practically every one. What’s cooler still about this flowering plant is that there are several varieties; some well-suited to being planted into your front bed, others to be enjoyed from large containers. And still others, like the spider mum featured in our Sunflower N Blue design, are meant to be displayed front and center on a tabletop. And these spiky mums, attended to by stalks of eucalyptus and bright sunflowers, make the perfect Fall gift, whether you’ve got someone recovering or someone just in need of a little Fall spirit.

At The Flower Bucket, we’re also loving that mums lend themselves to compact, modern arrangements that really make a statement. In our Golden Woodland piece, green cushion mums crowd around a sunflower, yellow roses and monochrome leaves, while hypericum berries jostle in the corner. These flowers all seem to be staying in their respective lanes, making for an orderly, tidy arrangement where the focus is on each flower. Mums get just as much attention as roses, in this case. Which is exactly how we like it.

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