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Living Coral is the Most Lively Color of 2019

The 2019 Color of the Year has been announced and its name is Living Coral. This animated, life-affirming coral hue with warm golden undertones is an energetic and invigorating color with a softer edge. Plan to see this beautiful shade everywhere you look this season, from weddings to living rooms, from the runway to sporting events. Living Coral will infuse our world with its positive energy. One of the best ways to include Living Coral in your daily life is with a beautiful floral arrangement from The Flower Bucket.

Show off Living Coral as the Most Lively Color of 2019 with our Bright and Rosy design. Pink and orange roses are nestled in a unique oval vase with green berries and accented with lily grass for a high splash of color. This design makes a gorgeous gift to someone special who might need a positive energy boost this year, or simply include in your own home or office for a burst of warmth and animated design.

Surround yourself with the energy and positivity of Living Coral this season and find yourself invigorated where ever you look. Talk to the floral designers at The Flower Bucket for even more great ideas about how to include Living Coral in your daily life this season.

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