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June is Wedding Month

June is Wedding Month, aptly designated because more couples choose to walk down the aisle in June than any other month of the calendar year. And here at The Flower Bucket, we couldn’t be more excited!  This month, we celebrate everyone who is getting married in June, or who has gotten married in June in the past. In fact, Wedding Month is all about celebrating all weddings, and the beautiful flowers surrounding your relationship from engagement to 50th anniversary.

Where to Find Us: For beautiful inspiration, check out The Flower Bucket’s Wedding Pinterest Boards, which offer hundreds of images to spark your imagination. We would also like to point you to our Wedding Site for information on traditions, planning tips, and more photos. 

When Is Involved in Booking a Wedding Florist? Most professionals agree that 4-6 months prior to your planned wedding day is the best time to have your initial consultation. In order to be best prepared, have your venue booked, and bring photos of both the ceremony and reception locations. Bring along your inspiration photos and color swatches, as well as your budget. We’ll take everything into account, and you won’t believe how easy our wedding planners can make it for you. 

The Best Expert Tip When it Comes to Flowers? Be flexible. You may be asking for flowers that are out of season, or that cost more than your budget will allow. But our amazing floral designers can recommend solutions, from adding greenery to fill in sparse flowers to substituting equally gorgeous flowers that exude the same elegance at a lesser cost. Wedding are what we do, and we can offer some great insight!

It stands to reason that today’s wedding is next year’s anniversary! If you find yourself looking back fondly at your own special day during wedding month, browse our Anniversary Collection. Whether you choose her favorite flowers, favorite colors, or decide to go by traditional anniversary blooms ( daisies for the 5th anniversary, roses for the 15th) you can be assured that your flowers will sweep her off her feet all over again. 

June is wedding month, and it is the perfect time to talk about weddings and romance. If you have a San Antonio area wedding upcoming in the next year, give The Flower Bucket a call – we’d love to start your union off with the most beautiful flowers in town.