The Flower Bucket Blog

Go Get You Some Flowers

We won’t lie, we here at The Flower Bucket think giving yourself a gift of flowers on the regular is a really good idea. But it’s not just because we’re in the business of getting said flowers in your hands that we say that—it’s because to get them there, we have to spend a lot of time around them. Like all day, every day. So not only do we know flowers, but we know their effects. We know they uplift the mood, clear the mind, connect a person with nature, appeal to the senses, inspire with their beauty . . . We could go on. The point is, flowers are good for the soul, and that’s why you should be giving them to yourself.

Think of it as an important act of self-care, just like reserving an afternoon to read a book, splurging on that nice bottle of wine, booking that girls getaway. There are certain gifts we give ourselves simply because they bring pleasure and restore our sense of well-being. Flowers do all of that and then some.

Consider this bright design, a clean, spirited palette of green and yellow. This feels like the garden pulled into a simple vase, with a whirl of willow over top. The impact of this can be felt just by looking at it, but we’re telling you, all of that texture and fragrance just casts a total spell in person. Give yourself the experience of flowers. We promise your self-worth will thank you.