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Posted by The Flower Bucket on February 6, 2018 Floral Design Flower Gifts

Give Our Designers A Creative Challenge

One of the things that makes us happiest here at The Flower Bucket is a custom order, and the more the merrier, in our view. Valentine’s Day is of course the perfect time to put something special together for that special someone, but we believe that a custom design fits for any occasion. Sometimes even the wealth of available arrangements just won’t do, and what you’re trying to express is better said through a distinctive, one-of-a-kind piece.

Our talented floral designers especially love custom work because it lets their creativity and expertise shine. And whether you leave the decision as to what to create entirely up to them or provide some direction, they will bring all that expertise to bear on your order. They are, after all, best equipped to work in seasonal flowers in the right combinations for the right effect. 

Along with a custom crafted design, we can also provide a container that brings the entire piece together, further communicating your sentiments by adding even a little more style and direction to the overall approach. It’s just another way of making the floral gift you offer even more meaningful to the person on the receiving end.

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