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Flowers That Matter A Whole Bunch

The Flower Bucket knows that not every flower-giving occasion is created equal. There’s a big difference in pinning a corsage onto your prom date and buying your sweetheart her tenth year of red roses at Valentine’s Day. The former is an example of when a flower exchange takes a moment and makes it into a memory, and these are the occasions we love most. The intimate personal exchanges that happen between people with flowers is one of our favorite reasons to give them.

Because there’s no associated major event or holiday in these cases, you can feel liberated to choose from the vast array of designs we have categorized. Instead, you can let your own sense of occasion as well as the preferences of your recipient lead the way. There’s a lot of freedom and creativity in this type of floral giving, and we encourage you to really think through the mood and spirit of your unique occasion.

Flowers have the ability to attach meaning to even the smallest and most personal event. They aren’t easily forgotten, and when they’re unexpected the appreciation for them is even richer and deeper. We’re invested in helping you offer the perfect design to fill your giving with meaning.