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Posted by The Flower Bucket on February 12, 2018 Floral Design Flower Gifts Romance

Flowers Get Creative This Month

Were you aware that February is Creative Romance Month? That’s its official designation, and it makes sense, seeing as how it’s also responsible for bringing us the biggest love holiday of all.

But what does it mean to be creative in your romance? Well, we here at  The Flower Bucket will leave the date-planning up to you, but when it comes to flowers, it means thinking outside of the box and springing for something a little more unexpected, but no less beautiful.

One way to capitalize on this month’s creative spirit is to select flower designs (and flowers themselves) that depart from the usual red-roses-in-a-vase routine. Nothing against red roses – we love them here – but there are so many other flowers that can be brought together to express something really special about your relationship to the recipient. One type of romance design is two orchids paired with succulents in a ceramic cube container. This fresh, modern approach to a romantic flower gift shows just how rare and special your person is.

This makes a dramatic, singular statement, and the best part is, it will last much longer than a bouquet of flowers. And at the end of the day, isn’t the sense of something lasting what you want to communicate to your loved one anyway? We guarantee she’ll be the only one with this beauty on her desk at work or on the dining room table at home, and you’ll definitely be getting a follow-up call.

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