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Floral Design and Artistry

Flowers have been integrated into our society and traditions for millennia. In Ancient Egypt, the lotus flower was included in observations of both life and death; while in Greece, carnations were woven into coronation crowns. In Victorian times, lovers engaged in secret communication utilizing flowers, each of which had their own meaning. In fact, it was from these forbidden messages that many of our contemporary floral meanings were derived.

In modern times, floral design has become an art form studied by professionals and appreciated by all. 

On February 28, National Floral Design Day recognizes the natural beauty of flowers and gives accolades to the expert floral designers who turn them into living works of art.  Flowers give artisans a rich medium in which to work. By applying a knowledge of color, composition, and space, they create professional designs that exhibit the classic aspects of design.

Expert floral designers are usually inspired by one main flower as the starting point of an arrangement – it may have a unique shape, be placed in a prominent position, or have an eye-catching color. The arrangement is designed around the focal bloom, achieving balance with complementary colors, or natural elements such as curved leaves, wispy grasses or linear stalks of bamboo. The addition of these secondary details add texture, depth, and interest to the arrangement; as does a container selected to accent the ambiance of the design.

Whatever your style, whatever the occasion, our expert florists are trained to design a floral arrangement that will add elegance and grace. We believe that flowers are works of art – and that they are making San Antonio more beautiful every day. The Flower Bucket is proud of our talented team of designers, and invite you to browse their beautiful creations online.