Embrace Friendship & Sisterhood

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You may have considered her a pest growing up. Maybe she was always borrowing your clothes, or tagging along whenever you were with your friends. Still, you shared lots of laughter and tears. She was with you through some of the most important times in your life – and you couldn’t imagine the world without her. August 6th gives us the opportunity to celebrate two special holidays – National Sisters Day and National Friendship Day; and to celebrate those especially meaningful people who are both sister and best friend.  The Flower Bucket is happy to help you with beautiful floral designs and arrangements that will make her day.

The Importance of Sisters: Experts tell us that people who grow up with sisters are generally happier, more charitable, and optimistic than only children – or even those with brothers! friendshipFriends are irreplaceable when it comes to social development. As young children, we learn about basic social constructs. As teenagers, friends help us to navigate more complex emotional relationships. And as adults, friends provide moral support that allows us to feel “comfortable in our own skin”, and establish personal priorities. Where would we be without friends? Did You Know? Yellow roses are the traditional flowers that signify friendship, camaraderie and encouragement.

friendshipNational Friendship Day was established in 1935, and is currently observed all over the world. Although National Sisters Day is not officially recognized on the calendar, it does give us the opportunity to thank those people who have meant the most to us over the years. Whether your sister is your best friend, or your best friend is closer than family, August 6 is the day to honor them! Choose from our online selection of summer flowers, roses, or gifts to let her know how much you appreciate her.

Whether she lives right down the road here in San Antonio, or you are separated by many miles, a delivery from The Flower Bucket is sure to make her day.



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