Elegant Summer Hydrangea

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This month, we would like to introduce you to one of our favorite summer flowers, the hydrangea. You may have heard of this bloom before, but you may not be able to pick it out as you would a rose, or a sunflower. The reason lies in the fact that although this gorgeous flower offers a lovely color palette, as well as large and generous flowers, the hydrangea is most often designed as a backdrop for other, more well-known blooms. But here at The Flower Bucket, we know that this special flower deserves a little more recognition, and so we decided to bring it center-stage for the summer season.

A Little Background: The hydrangea was originally discovered in Japan, but it grows well all over the world. There are 75 different varieties of the flower, most exhibiting shades of pink and blue. Pale green petals are often the result of fading pigmentation, although some white and green hybrids have been cultivated. 


The hydrangea is rarely seen showcased or arranged on its own, but the designers at The Flower Bucket have decided to change all that. Southern Charm, pictured above, is a lush bouquet of multi-colored hydrangea that will add style and elegance to any summer home decor. As is the case with many plants, the true flower is actually the tiny, center bloom; the colored “petals” are, in reality, bracts (leaves).

A True Blue Sentiment: Hydrangea are one of only a handful of flowers in the world that naturally bloom in shades of blue. One of the other flowers to do so is the blue delphinium, which is the birth flower of July.


There are many flower which can represent the carefree days of summer, but we maintain that the hydrangea is one of the most beautiful. Light and airy, colorful and elegant Рthis lovely bloom is the perfect summer accompaniment for your home. The Flower Bucket is proud to provide exquisite flowers throughout San Antonio and across the country Рafter all, every occasion is made more special with flowers.



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