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Daisy Arrangements and Birthday Bouquets

The spring is upon us and with it all of the colorful flowers of the season. In April, we celebrate birthdays with the beautiful daisy, which is the official birth flower. Representing innocence and carefree happiness, the daisy is the perfect embodiment of the essence of spring.

The expert floral designers at The Flower Bucket have created a collection of bouquets and arrangements that are perfect for celebrating your loved one’s special day. Whether you choose the classic white and gold daisy, or something a bit more exotic and colorful, you can rest assured that their daisy birthday bouquets will make them smile. 


The daisy affords us an opportunity to work with many fresh and beautiful color palettes. Although the white daisy can effectively be matched with any shade, it is often paired with bright yellows and greens for a verdant bouquet reminiscent of wildflowers in the woods. These arrangements exude cheerful good wishes and are perfect for anyone who loves the sunshine.

Gerbera daisies come in a wide range of colors, and as such blend well with nearly any other flower. However, we think that a vase of gerberas are gorgeous on their own – just arrange with many colors, and allow the simplicity to wow the birthday girl.

The vivid neon of the bright pink gerbera goes exceptionally well with green cymbidium orchids or vivid orange spray roses; while bright yellow gerbera daisies with pale pink roses and fuschia alstroemeria comprise romantically sweet birthday bouquets. 

No matter what color scheme or style, there is no denying the fresh, vibrant ambiance that daisies bring to any home or office. Have bouquets delivered to your friends and family, or brighten up your own kitchen table – but whatever you do, don’t let April go by without making San Antonio just a bit more beautiful with birthday bouquets from The Flower Bucket.