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Custom Florals for Holiday Hosts

If you’re spending Thanksgiving at someone else’s table, as many of us will this holiday, it’s time to think about what you may be bringing to contribute. And we at The Flower Bucket don’t mean your signature stuffing; we’re talking about flowers. Specifically, in the form of a host gift.

It’s customary in the U.S. and across the globe to offer a gift to your magnanimous host. It’s a classic, classy gesture that expresses your gratitude for their time and energy, and a vivid reminder of your relationship to them.

You want to ensure that what you give is appropriate. In this case, a container full of fresh, Fall flowers is just the thing. The idea is to introduce all the warmth and comfort of the season into their home, courtesy of you. A custom piece is special enough to match the scale of the event – after all, Thanksgiving dinner is no ordinary dinner but a feast. Your florals should speak to that.

We use a variety of seasonal flowers and other items to create lush pieces in fun gift ware containers (some of which are even suitable for the oven). The low and condensed designs bring in lots of textural elements. Consider your host’s home and where they might possibly place your gift, then choose your size. Arrangements like these really fall into gift category because they provide a lot of interest and function as conversation pieces. They’re not only beautiful but fun to look at.

Let us at The Flower Bucket design something in this vein for your holiday host. It can be delivered before Thanksgiving or after, or you can arrive bearing it, along with your green bean casserole.