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Posted by The Flower Bucket on December 27, 2017 Flowers Get Well

Cheer Them Up With Bright Flowers

There’s nothing worse than coming down with something in winter, otherwise known as cold and flu season. Whatever you catch feels like it can drag on for months, and coupled with the fact that it’s colder and bleaker outside, can definitely induce the winter blues.

We here at The Flower Bucket have the perfect cure all, and science supports us. In fact, a number of studies show that flowers help us maintain a positive outlook as well as strong relationships with family and friends. They’ve been associated with lower blood pressure and less use of pain medication if a patient has them in his or her hospital room.

Go for the brightest, boldest bunch of blooms you can find, something like ourĀ Flutter piece, which is a gorgeous, perky mix of daisies and roses. This arrangement gives off a light and airy feeling, an important consideration given that your recipient is likely bed, couch or hospital bound. Bringing color and freshness into their space is crucial.

The transparent blue vase here completes this all-colors-of-the-rainbow look, while a blue butterfly rests among the flowers. This offers a lot of visual interest in the form of color, yes, but also texture. The sheer variety of blooms makes us think of the garden in spring, a great feeling to give anyone, especially someone who is under the weather.

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