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Wearable Flowers For Your Spring Dance

Now that spring is upon us, prom season has arrived and that means beautiful corsages and boutonnieres to accent your outfit. Nothing says prom better than being presented with a gorgeous corsage or a stylish boutonniere being pinned to a tuxedo. Make sure you and your date look your best when you add wearable flowers to your outfit that complement one another as well as your attire. The floral experts at The Flower Bucket have a wide range of designs, styles and colors for you to choose from. Let us help you find something to complement your outfit and your date perfectly. Read More about Wearable Flowers For Your Spring Dance »

Floral Designs for Proms & Moms

In the months of May and June, we have three occasions that can inspire us to purchase wearable flowers - Mother's Day, proms, and graduations. The expert floral designers at The Flower Bucket have the experience, ideas, and talent to create striking corsages and sophisticated boutonnieres that will set the mood for these special events. In San Antonio, there is no better place to call for all things floral. Did You Know? Both the words "corsage" and "boutonniere" are French in origin, and the terms originated in the 16th century. The former means¬†corset or bodice, while the latter means little button. ¬† Read More about Floral Designs for Proms & Moms »
Posted by The Flower Bucket on April 21, 2017 Flowers Prom Flowers