Green Gifts For Your Great Boss

National Bosses Day is an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the hard-working bosses who make our work lives a little easier every day. Started in 1958, this day came into being when Patricia Bays Haroski realized her boss (and father) was performing many small tasks to make work easier for his employees but that his efforts were going unnoticed. She created Bosses Day on October 16th, her father’s birthday, to give employees an opportunity to reflect on all their bosses do for them all year long. The Flower Bucket is pleased to offer a wide selection of gifts, plants and flowers for you to choose for your boss on this Bosses Day.

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Get A Head Start In Self Care

September is self-care month, and we want to stop a moment to think about what you do, and could be doing, to take care of yourself. One way to restore balance and harmony to your life is through meditation. It doesn’t have to take much time out of your day- sometimes just a few minutes will have lasting benefits. Meditating outdoors, in a garden or park, is even better because the connection with nature will nourish your mind, body and soul together at one time. San Antonio florist The Flower Bucket suggests bringing nature to you with a beautiful dish garden or potted plant that you can enjoy at work or home.

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Caring for Your Indoor Flowering Plants and Succulents

indoor flowering plants

Wandering along River Walk or through the peaceful San Antonio Botanical Gardens is good for the soul. Being surrounded by greenery and flowers elevates our sense of well-being and promotes peace and serenity. Therefore it is no surprise that we love to fill our homes and office spaces with indoor flowering plants as well, bringing the outdoors in and enjoying all the benefits that plants bring to our lives. This month, we’d like to return the favor to some of our favorite plants, by recommending a few that are not only beautiful but easy to care for – guaranteeing that you can transform your environment with minimal work and worry.

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Beautiful Floral Gifts for Administrative Professionals

administrative professionals

According to the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), there are approximately 4 million professionals working as support personnel in companies nationwide. Studies have shown that this essential workforce is truly the backbone of any business – a fact easily verified when they need to take some time off! While executives and bosses may be more visible, the administrative personnel are the ones that keep the day-to-day operations of the company running smoothly, and they are often great sources of information and knowledge. Given all their quiet influence, Administrative Professionals Week is an opportunity to thank them that should not be missed – and The Flower Bucket is ready, with a varied collection of gifts perfect for the day.