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Super Ladies Deserve Super Flowers

It's an important month for the women in our lives---or as we here at The Flower Bucket like to call them, "super ladies." After all, we've got Mother's Day, National Nurses Day, National Teachers Day and the entire week of May 6 through 12 officially devoted to appreciating the latter two. In these female dominated fields, we've got mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, friends, colleagues, neighbors. In other words, the women we honor in May are wearing many hats, educating, inspiring, protecting and nurturing the rest of us. They do their best to empower us, and we should definitely do that right back. One way to honor the super ladies in our lives is to give them flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. Read More about Super Ladies Deserve Super Flowers »

Sending Flowers to Thank Nurses & Teachers

There are some people who come unexpectedly into our lives - and whether for a few days, weeks, or years, they make a significant impression on our minds and hearts. During the second week of May, we have two opportunities to recognize people who most likely have influenced your life in some way - teachers, and nurses. Both are celebrated during the same week, and both definitely deserve the attention! At The Flower Bucket, we are honored to have this chance to help you to give gifts of gratitude, and we anticipate designing beautiful floral arrangements and gifts for these worthy folks, whether in San Antonio or beyond. Tell the World: On May 9, post a story or photograph about your favorite teacher on any social media platform, with the hashtag #ThankATeacher.  Read More about Sending Flowers to Thank Nurses & Teachers »