Memorial Day Floral Designs

Memorial Day Floral Designs

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. – Joseph Campbell

Memorial Day gives us an opportunity to stop and reflect on the many men and women throughout our history who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.  It is a day filled with patriotism and gratitude, and at The Flower Bucket, we have the Memorial Day Floral Designs that will convey your sentiments and honor the fallen.  Continue reading

Mother’s Day Stories from The Flower Bucket Team

Mother's Day stories

There really is no one like a Mom! On Mother’s Day, many people will call us to send flowers to their moms – and all of us at The Flower Bucket love being able to help you to express your sentiments.

We thought that this year, we would also take the opportunity to share a little bit about OUR families – because just like you, we love our mothers, and we love being mothers! These Mother’s Day stories reflect our families, and we hope that on May 14, you’ll allow us to help you to write another page in your story.

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Flowers for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day in the United States had a rocky road on the way to becoming one of our most celebrated holidays. A woman named Anna Jarvis petitioned the U.S. Congress for several years to get them to adopt her idea and institute a national holiday, and she was finally successful in 1908. However, several decades later she had a change of heart. The very same Ms. Jarvis petitioned Congress to remove the holiday from the calendar, lamenting that people were not celebrating the day in the way she intended. Of course, she was unsuccessful and we’ve been honoring Mom ever since.

Although Mom deserves accolades every day of the year, Mother’s Day affords us a special opportunity to convey all of the love and respect that we feel, The floral designers at The Flower Bucket have created a Mother’s Day floral collection featuring arrangements suitable for every mom, no matter her personal style. Browse the collection and decide – which one is best for your mother? Continue reading

Beautiful Floral Gifts for Administrative Professionals

administrative professionals

According to the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), there are approximately 4 million professionals working as support personnel in companies nationwide. Studies have shown that this essential workforce is truly the backbone of any business – a fact easily verified when they need to take some time off! While executives and bosses may be more visible, the administrative personnel are the ones that keep the day-to-day operations of the company running smoothly, and they are often great sources of information and knowledge. Given all their quiet influence, Administrative Professionals Week is an opportunity to thank them that should not be missed – and The Flower Bucket is ready, with a varied collection of gifts perfect for the day. 

Celebrate with Bright Easter Flowers

Easter flowers

Easter is a holiday filled with customs and traditions. We participate in Easter egg hunts, dress our kids up in their Sunday best, and eat a lot of chocolate bunnies – 90 million of them, experts tell us. Some of us will wake up early for a sunrise service, while others will sleep in until it is time to look for their Easter basket. No matter our family traditions or religious persuasions, Easter Sunday is a special time highlighting special celebrations. Make it even more so with Easter flowers from The Flower Bucket of San Antonio.

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St. Patty’s Day Green Flowers

green flowersHow do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Although there are approximately 36 million people of Irish descent living in the United States, this is a holiday for everyone! There are many customs and traditions that have become a part of our culture – for instance, most of us will find at least one green article of clothing to wear on March 17th to celebrate the day.  We may find a lunch place serving corned beef and cabbage, or perhaps watch a local parade to enjoy the sights, sounds, and festivity of the holiday. But for those who wish to decorate with a bit of Emerald Isle inspiration, or to send Irish friends a gorgeous bouquet or arrangement, a call to The Flower Bucket is all that is needed. We have assembled a selection of custom designs to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in exquisite style – you’ll find we have all you need to paint San Antonio green!

green flowers

Our designers have created many diverse arrangements in white and green, all perfect for the day. Roses, lilies, green chrysanthemums and alstroemeria combine for some of our most unique arrangements.

green flowers

Did You Know? St. Patrick was born Maewynn Succat, and he was British, not Irish. But he lived his adult life as a Christian missionary to Ireland, and he loved Ireland as much as the people loved him. When he died, the country asked the Catholic Church to honor him with a feast day, and it became a national day of remembrance for his adopted home. The holiday made it to our shores when waves of immigrants came to the United States in the 1700’s and 1800’s.
green flowersSt. Patrick’s Day is more of a party than a religious observance these days – and it is celebrated by nearly everyone, not just those of Irish descent. Whether you have Gaelic roots or simply love the festivity, call The Flower Bucket and surround yourself with the luck of the Irish, by way of beautiful green floral designs.

Women’s Day Celebrations

women's day

This month, women and men around the world will participate in hundreds of events meant to raise awareness regarding inequality and human rights offenses against women. International Women’s Day is also a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the victories and achievements of women around the world. How can you honor the women in your life who make a difference every day?

A palm plant or laurel flowers represent success;  lotus flowers and sage leaves are for those women who exhibit wisdom.  Gladioli and protea represent strength of moral character and courage and make a stunning bouquet.  March 8th is International Women’s Day, and there are many of heartfelt ways to celebrate the amazing women in your life with flowers from The Flower Bucket.  Continue reading