National Puppy Day Highlights Need for Adoption

National Puppy Day

There is nothing quite like the mutual affection, companionship, and love that dogs add to our lives. It is estimated that up to 80 million dogs are kept as pets in the United States, but that number can be misleading. The reality of millions of strays, overpopulation due to ill-advised breeding, and abandonment creates adverse conditions for many dogs. Shelters are full to capacity, and unfortunately, approximately 1.4 million dogs are euthanized annually. Although some are old, sick or injured, most are otherwise healthy animals, simply too much for the shelter to handle. It is a heartbreaking situation for all involved.

National Puppy Day was established in 2007, and organizers hope to garner attention for the plight of shelter puppies in need of rescue. The movement is adamantly against the concept of for-profit “puppy mills”, and instead urge that prospective pet parents go straight to the shelter to meet their new family member.  Continue reading

St. Patty’s Day Green Flowers

green flowersHow do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Although there are approximately 36 million people of Irish descent living in the United States, this is a holiday for everyone! There are many customs and traditions that have become a part of our culture – for instance, most of us will find at least one green article of clothing to wear on March 17th to celebrate the day.  We may find a lunch place serving corned beef and cabbage, or perhaps watch a local parade to enjoy the sights, sounds, and festivity of the holiday. But for those who wish to decorate with a bit of Emerald Isle inspiration, or to send Irish friends a gorgeous bouquet or arrangement, a call to The Flower Bucket is all that is needed. We have assembled a selection of custom designs to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in exquisite style – you’ll find we have all you need to paint San Antonio green!

green flowers

Our designers have created many diverse arrangements in white and green, all perfect for the day. Roses, lilies, green chrysanthemums and alstroemeria combine for some of our most unique arrangements.

green flowers

Did You Know? St. Patrick was born Maewynn Succat, and he was British, not Irish. But he lived his adult life as a Christian missionary to Ireland, and he loved Ireland as much as the people loved him. When he died, the country asked the Catholic Church to honor him with a feast day, and it became a national day of remembrance for his adopted home. The holiday made it to our shores when waves of immigrants came to the United States in the 1700’s and 1800’s.
green flowersSt. Patrick’s Day is more of a party than a religious observance these days – and it is celebrated by nearly everyone, not just those of Irish descent. Whether you have Gaelic roots or simply love the festivity, call The Flower Bucket and surround yourself with the luck of the Irish, by way of beautiful green floral designs.

The Flowers of Springtime are Here

flowers While in San Antonio the arrival of spring is more of a formality than in many other places in the country – after all, it never really gets too cold here – we still have reasons to anticipate the season. As floral designers, we especially love creating colorful, vibrant bouquets and arrangements with the flowers of springtime. Over the next few months, whether you are celebrating a birthday, congratulating a student, or simply saying hello to a loved one, be sure to call The Flower Bucket. We’ll be happy to discuss the freshest blooms currently in our shop, and share ideas as to our favorite ways to arrange these fragrant, seasonal flowers.

Here are some of the spring flowers we love: flowers

Tulips and Daffodils: These bulb flowers are both early arrivals, and they are also considered iconic symbols of spring, especially Easter. Other bulb flowers that bring a splash of color to Easter baskets include the iris, crocus, and hyacinth. 
: Although popular year-round, spring spray roses are not afraid to be bold – in shades of orange, purple and neon pink, they are all dressed up for the carefree springtime.
Asters: This popular species includes daisies, and the ray flowers are truly representative of the whimsical side of this season. With bright yellow disk centers, and growing in a wide range of bright colors, they fit into any palette.
Lilies: Pink stargazer lilies or orange tiger lilies are welcome in any of our floral designs, for their large bloom that adds elegance.

Wildflower and mixed bouquets are very popular the spring season, as they exhibit the lush natural floral diversity of this time of year. To add an even more verdant flair, consider adding green flowers such as the orchid, hydrangea, or Fuji mum – or surround your flowers with organic decorative grasses.


Celebrate the new season with the vivid florals of spring. Choose one of our pre-made designs, or ask us to create a custom bouquet just for you – we love to get creative! The Flower Bucket will elevate your home and office decor from ordinary to extraordinary, just give us a call.

Women’s Day Celebrations

women's day

This month, women and men around the world will participate in hundreds of events meant to raise awareness regarding inequality and human rights offenses against women. International Women’s Day is also a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the victories and achievements of women around the world. How can you honor the women in your life who make a difference every day?

A palm plant or laurel flowers represent success;  lotus flowers and sage leaves are for those women who exhibit wisdom.  Gladioli and protea represent strength of moral character and courage and make a stunning bouquet.  March 8th is International Women’s Day, and there are many of heartfelt ways to celebrate the amazing women in your life with flowers from The Flower Bucket.  Continue reading

Floral Design and Artistry

floral design

Flowers have been integrated into our society and traditions for millennia. In Ancient Egypt, the lotus flower was included in observations of both life and death; while in Greece, carnations were woven into coronation crowns. In Victorian times, lovers engaged in secret communication utilizing flowers, each of which had their own meaning. In fact, it was from these forbidden messages that many of our contemporary floral meanings were derived.

In modern times, floral design has become an art form studied by professionals and appreciated by all. floral design

On February 28, National Floral Design Day recognizes the natural beauty of flowers and gives accolades to the expert floral designers who turn them into living works of art.  Flowers give artisans a rich medium in which to work. By applying a knowledge of color, composition, and space, they create professional designs that exhibit the classic aspects of design.

floral design

Expert floral designers are usually inspired by one main flower as the starting point of an arrangement – it may have a unique shape, be placed in a prominent position, or have an eye-catching color. The arrangement is designed around the focal bloom, achieving balance with complementary colors, or natural elements such as curved leaves, wispy grasses or linear stalks of bamboo. The addition of these secondary details add texture, depth, and interest to the arrangement; as does a container selected to accent the ambiance of the design.

floral design

Whatever your style, whatever the occasion, our expert florists are trained to design a floral arrangement that will add elegance and grace. We believe that flowers are works of art – and that they are making San Antonio more beautiful every day. The Flower Bucket is proud of our talented team of designers, and invite you to browse their beautiful creations online.

Valentine’s Day in San Antonio

Valentine's Day

There is no greater adventure than true love – and no better time to celebrate it than Valentine’s Day! At The Flower Bucket, we have a unique vantage point to see the romantic gestures and hear the love stories, and we are honored to provide the floral arrangements that make these moments even more beautiful. This Valentine’s Day and every day, we have the floral designs and bouquets that share the love romance across San Antonio and beyond.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to convey your sentiments to every special person in your life. Here are just a few suggestions from our Valentine’s collection, each guaranteed to make your loved one’s day.

Valentine's Day

Pink roses have several meanings including innocence and gratitude. They are the perfect flowers to send to your mom, your grandmother, or your daughter. They express deep affection and remind all of the special ladies in your life how much they are loved.

Your best friend, a colleague who always has your back – these are the people who show friendship every day of your life, and you couldn’t imagine a day without them. Our chic and trendy floral designs will let them know that you appreciate all they are to you – and these arrangements look elegant and sophisticated in any workplace.

Valentine's Day

New Relationship? If you are newly dating, and looking for a beautiful bouquet that expresses just how wonderful they are without assuming too much – try multi-colored roses, tulips, or gerbera daisies delivered to home or office!

Of course, Valentine’s Day is a day to express passion, romance, and dedicated commitment. For those in long-term relationships, engaged, or married, there is no substitute for a classic bouquet of long-stemmed red roses. One dozen or several. The Flower Bucket has the most exquisite blooms in San Antonio.

Valentine's DayWith Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now is the time to order early and beat the rush! You can trust The Flower Bucket to design the most gorgeous flowers and deliver them complete with all the love they deserve.