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Express Your Love

By The Flower Bucket on January 21, 2019 in Floral Design, Flower Gifts, Flowers, Holidays, Romance, Roses.

As Valentine’s Day approaches it’s time to begin thinking about how you will show your affection to your loved ones or sweetheart this year. What kind of flowers you choose to send will communicate a particular message, depending on their color. Pink, for example, is a symbol of gentleness while white represents purity. Yellow often stands for friendship and red means love and desire. Send a particular message that lets her know exactly how you feel about her. The floral designers at The Flower Bucket are creating some beautiful displays that will help you share your heart with her this Valentine’s Day. Read More about Express Your Love

Living Coral is the Most Lively Color of 2019

By The Flower Bucket on January 7, 2019 in Floral Design, Flower Gifts, Flowers, Roses. 0 Comments

The 2019 Color of the Year has been announced and its name is Living Coral. This animated, life-affirming coral hue with warm golden undertones is an energetic and invigorating color with a softer edge. Plan to see this beautiful shade everywhere you look this season, from weddings to living rooms, from the runway to sporting events. Living Coral will infuse our world with its positive energy. One of the best ways to include Living Coral in your daily life is with a beautiful floral arrangement from The Flower Bucket. Read More about Living Coral is the Most Lively Color of 2019

Refreshing New Year’s Blooms

By The Flower Bucket on December 26, 2018 in Floral Design, Flowers, Holidays. 0 Comments

As the New Year approaches, we tend to look for ways to make changes to our lives that will refresh and inspire us as we move forward. At The Flower Bucket, we feel flowers are a great way to do this! Here's why: Flowers help freshen the air. Plants and flowers are natural air purifiers, absorbing toxins and other impurities while emitting life-giving oxygen so you can breathe easier, think clearer and focus better. Flowers help you de-stress. Place flowers in your work environment to lower stress levels. The green foliage is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, creating a calm environment. Flowers help you think creatively. Studies show that looking at your favorite colors can have a positive impact on your creative thought. Make sure you have colorful blooms nearby whenever you begin working on a creative project. Read More about Refreshing New Year’s Blooms

DIY Holiday Designs

By The Flower Bucket on December 3, 2018 in Floral Design, Flower Gifts, Holidays. 0 Comments

Every year as the holidays approach, we begin to decorate our homes with the spirit of the season in mind. This year, consider adding to your collection of holiday decor by crafting your own do-it-yourself design. One great project is this Mistletoe Kissing Ball that will pair beautifully with your custom-arranged holiday flowers and other ornaments or decor. The floral designers at The Flower Bucket have created a beautiful collection of holiday arrangements to give as gifts or display throughout your home. Read More about DIY Holiday Designs

Blooming Holiday Baskets

By The Flower Bucket on November 19, 2018 in Autumn Flowers, Floral Design, Holidays, Thanksgiving. 0 Comments

As the holiday season approaches, we begin to think about decorating our house for the season. Don’t forget to include your home office in your decorating plans for the holidays. Something as simple and elegant as a lovely holiday wreath or lush dish garden can mean the difference between a cheerful, spirited work environment and one that is otherwise ordinary. Take a look at the beautiful handmade holiday collection designed by the floral artisans at The Flower Bucket just for you this season. Read More about Blooming Holiday Baskets

A Special Floral Design For Your Sweetie

By The Flower Bucket on June 11, 2018 in Anniversaries & Weddings, Floral Design. 0 Comments

“At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.” -Plato When you first saw her, you swooned. When you married her, you pledged to be hers forever. You became a poet, a romantic, simply by falling in love. This year for your anniversary, call on your inner poet once more to bring some creativity to your celebration. Write her a love letter telling her what she means to you, take her to a restaurant she’s been dying to try, or leave a special gift for her to discover. The floral artists at The Flower Bucket are full of ideas that will make your anniversary as special as the day you became husband and wife. Since June is the most popular month for weddings and anniversaries, we’re creating some truly dynamic bouquets that will bring out the poet in you. Read More about A Special Floral Design For Your Sweetie

We’re Showcasing Our Designer & Mom

By The Flower Bucket on May 7, 2018 in Floral Design, Flower Gifts, Mother's Day. 0 Comments

In honor of Mother's Day, The Flower Bucket is shining the spotlight on one of our very own floral designers and moms. She shares her experience and insight when it comes to both raising kids and choosing flowers. Name: Nieves Vasquez Kids first names & ages: Joshua, 14, and Matthew, 12. How did you get into floral work? I started with a school program at 16 years old. What do you love most about working with flowers? Every floral arrangement is a piece of art. Every arrangement is different. Read More about We’re Showcasing Our Designer & Mom

A Bright Floral Design For International Women’s Day

By The Flower Bucket on March 5, 2018 in Floral Design, Flower Gifts, Flowers. 0 Comments

On March 8, we here at The Flower Bucket join over 100 countries across the world to celebrate International Women's Day, which we've been doing since 1909. On this day, we honor the achievements of our most influential women---the visionaries, mentors, activists and teachers who have advanced women's causes over the course of a year. 2018's theme is #PressForProgress, and the focus is on gender parity. IWD is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the most influential woman in your life through flowers. Read More about A Bright Floral Design For International Women’s Day

Flowers That Matter A Whole Bunch

By The Flower Bucket on February 19, 2018 in Floral Design, Flower Gifts. 0 Comments

The Flower Bucket knows that not every flower-giving occasion is created equal. There's a big difference in pinning a corsage onto your prom date and buying your sweetheart her tenth year of red roses at Valentine's Day. The former is an example of when a flower exchange takes a moment and makes it into a memory, and these are the occasions we love most. The intimate personal exchanges that happen between people with flowers is one of our favorite reasons to give them. Read More about Flowers That Matter A Whole Bunch