Bringing A Little Desktop Awareness In Time For Admin Prof Day

By The Flower Bucket on April 9, 2018 in Administrative Professionals Week, Flowers, Holidays. 0 Comments

The Flower Bucket is here to call attention to two things: first, the fact that it’s Administrative Professionals Day on April 25—which is just around the corner, so get ready to honor, fete and otherwise thank the people who do so much for you at work—and second, the fact that after a long winter, our desktops are looking sad. They’re in need of some help.

What better time for a little “Desktop Awareness” than now? We’re here to remedy the predicament of sorry, lifeless desks everywhere by showing just how uplifting flowers and plants can be when we bring them to our work surfaces.

A rainbow of tulips¬†stacks up so well alongside a high monitor, especially if you’ve got a spacious desk. If yours is open to the room, tulips become an event for everybody in it (though you’ll still have the best view). Spring’s stunners are both elegant and fun—two things that many desks are in dire need of.

Equally inspired is an orchid, which is such a look that it would work best on a common table or a conference one, as well as in a point-of-entry area. Sleek, exotic and a touch otherworldly, orchids add instant character to a space and give the eye something visually stimulating to consider during long meetings, waits or days at the office.

Spend the weeks leading up to Administrative Professionals Day raising a little “Desktop Awareness.” Everyone at work will thank you for making their work lives more beautiful.



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