Beautiful Flowers For Bees

By The Flower Bucket on August 13, 2018 in Flowers, Summer Flowers. 0 Comments

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy garden that serves a greater purpose can be a truly rewarding experience. Growing produce and including pollinating insects are two great ways your garden can be as helpful as it in beautiful. Bee-friendly flowers like hydrangea, daisies, and lavender allow bees to work in a safe environment. Use dill, onion or marigolds as an alternative to chemicals for repelling unwanted insects. Provide a bit of shade or ground cover for hot days, and some fresh water to keep bees hydrated as they work. The Flower Bucket encourages you to grow your garden responsibly so you can having lasting rewards from your efforts.

Some of our favorite bee-friendly blooms include those found in our Beauty in Blossom arrangement. This delightful design includes orange roses and soft pink hydrangea, both favorites in the bee community and sure to draw these amazing pollinators to your garden.

Include flowers that bees love to help keep your garden fresh and vibrant. Plant natural insect repellents to avoid using harsh chemicals. Bring farm-fresh blooms to your outdoor space and encourage a healthy eco-system in your own backyard. The floral experts at The Flower Bucket can help you design a healthy garden or outdoor area that thrives and blooms. Talk to us today about your gardening goals!


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