Beautiful Flowers For Bees

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy garden that serves a greater purpose can be a truly rewarding experience. Growing produce and including pollinating insects are two great ways your garden can be as helpful as it in beautiful. Bee-friendly flowers like hydrangea, daisies, and lavender allow bees to work in a safe environment. Use dill, onion or marigolds as an alternative to chemicals for repelling unwanted insects. Provide a bit of shade or ground cover for hot days, and some fresh water to keep bees hydrated as they work. The Flower Bucket encourages you to grow your garden responsibly so you can having lasting rewards from your efforts.

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Fine Flowers For That Family Room

When you think about decorating your home, the family room is the one place that should have a comfortable, welcoming vibe. Friends and family gather here regularly, for very casual moments as well as more formal occasions. You want to be ready for anything and ensure that everyone who spends time in this space feels at home. The floral experts at The Flower Bucket have some excellent ideas about how to incorporate flowers into your family room that will delight and relax all who enter.

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Wish Your Teacher The Best This School Year

It’s that time of year again, when teachers hang up their flip flops and head back to the classroom to prepare for the new school year. All of their meticulous planning and organizing for the arrival of new students will be evident on the first day of school. This year, The Flower Bucket recommends bringing or sending your child’s teacher a fabulous lasting desk arrangement or bright bouquet of flowers for their first day of school.

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A Tropical Vacation That Comes To You

If you and your loved one have a fabulous trip awaiting on the horizon, think about ways to build the excitement as you prepare to leave. Eating local foods, learning a bit of local language and surrounding yourself with local flowers are all great ways to prepare yourself mentally and spiritually for the exciting encounters you’re sure to experience once you arrive. The Flower Bucket has amazing bouquets full of flowers from all over the world. Talk to us about some of our most inspiring arrangements.

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A Bouquet To Celebrate Freedom

“Hail the stars and stripes forever, Dearest flag in all the world.”

-Florence A. Jones

Planning an Independence Day get-together can be a lot of fun, especially when all the details come together in a festive, cheerful way. When you tie everything together with meaningful colors, flowers, and other decor the overall effect will leave your guests glad they came. Represent our nation’s colors with sweet centerpieces that bring the meaning of the occasion together effortlessly. The floral designers at The Flower Bucket have several arrangements you can choose from to find the perfect centerpiece for your Fourth of July celebration this year.

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A Tropical Touch To Your Summer Table

Creating a formal dining event is all about attention to detail. Everything works together purposefully to create an overall effect that you’ll present to your guests. That kind of preparation takes time and thoughtfulness. While the flowers you choose to accent your table should be well-considered, there’s no need to add stress to that area of your planning. Let the floral experts at The Flower Bucket work with you to find or design the perfect arrangement for your next event.

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A Special Floral Design For Your Sweetie

“At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.”


When you first saw her, you swooned. When you married her, you pledged to be hers forever. You became a poet, a romantic, simply by falling in love. This year for your anniversary, call on your inner poet once more to bring some creativity to your celebration. Write her a love letter telling her what she means to you, take her to a restaurant she’s been dying to try, or leave a special gift for her to discover. The floral artists at The Flower Bucket are full of ideas that will make your anniversary as special as the day you became husband and wife. Since June is the most popular month for weddings and anniversaries, we’re creating some truly dynamic bouquets that will bring out the poet in you.

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