Caring for Your Indoor Flowering Plants and Succulents

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indoor flowering plants

Wandering along River Walk or through the peaceful San Antonio Botanical Gardens is good for the soul. Being surrounded by greenery and flowers elevates our sense of well-being and promotes peace and serenity. Therefore it is no surprise that we love to fill our homes and office spaces with indoor flowering plants as well, bringing the outdoors in and enjoying all the benefits that plants bring to our lives. This month, we’d like to return the favor to some of our favorite plants, by recommending a few that are not only beautiful but easy to care for – guaranteeing that you can transform your environment with minimal work and worry.

The Flower Bucket would like to remind you that there are a lot of special occasions right around the corner – from Easter to Administrative Professionals Day to Mother’s Day – these indoor flowering plants will make amazing, long-lasting gifts!  indoor flowering plants

The peace lily plant is known for its deep green leaves and striking white blooms. To keep your peace lily in top form, keep it in medium, indirect light. You can take cues from your peace lily – when it starts to droop slightly, it is time to water it, and if the leaves begin to yellow, it is getting too much light. The peace lily will reward you with years of beautiful growth and stunning blooms – but if you aren’t seeing enough flowers, move it into a space that has a bit less harsh light.

The pothos plant is a popular green houseplant with trailing vines that can either climb a stake or cascade beautifully from a hanging pot. Your pothos likes things just so – not too bright or dark, not too wet or dry. They don’t even need natural light at all, so do well in offices. If you never let it dry out completely, never let its roots sit in standing water, and never keep it in direct sunlight, you’ll see the pothos thrive.

The kalanchoe plant is flowering succulent that is especially resilient.  The kalanchoe loves abundant sunlight, but require only one or two hours of direct sunlight per day.  As a succulent, they only require watering once a week. Water thoroughly, but be sure that their container allows for water to drain off so the plant’s roots do not “drown”. They will feel right at home at room temperature but will appreciate having a few hours a day in the outdoor sun whenever possible Hint: If you keep a kalanchoe in a pot on your deck or porch, make sure exposure to direct sunlight is limited to a few hours, or it may scorch.indoor flowering plantsSpeaking of succulents, these desert plants are among the most interesting varieties that you can bring home. At The Flower Bucket, we receive shipments of succulents regularly, but the unique diversity of the succulent family means that the inventory is ever changing. We welcome you to stop by our store and speak to our experts as to which succulents and cacti are available in that season. Care for most species in this family is relatively similar. During their growing season, they will need watering and fertilizing regularly, and adequate drainage is key to their health. As you would expect, they enjoy abundant sunlight, but if they begin to fade, you may want to give them some shade. During the “dormant” season, watering once a week is sufficient, and fertilizing is not necessary at all.

Throughout the year, The Flower Bucket receives different types of succulents, cacti, and plants – and our inventory is ever changing and always interesting! If you are looking to surround yourself with this unique and diverse family of plants, just give us a call. For special occasions or everyday decor, we are your San Antonio source for all things beautiful.



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