The Flowers of Springtime are Here

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flowers While in San Antonio the arrival of spring is more of a formality than in many other places in the country – after all, it never really gets too cold here – we still have reasons to anticipate the season. As floral designers, we especially love creating colorful, vibrant bouquets and arrangements with the flowers of springtime. Over the next few months, whether you are celebrating a birthday, congratulating a student, or simply saying hello to a loved one, be sure to call The Flower Bucket. We’ll be happy to discuss the freshest blooms currently in our shop, and share ideas as to our favorite ways to arrange these fragrant, seasonal flowers.

Here are some of the spring flowers we love: flowers

Tulips and Daffodils: These bulb flowers are both early arrivals, and they are also considered iconic symbols of spring, especially Easter. Other bulb flowers that bring a splash of color to Easter baskets include the iris, crocus, and hyacinth. 
: Although popular year-round, spring spray roses are not afraid to be bold – in shades of orange, purple and neon pink, they are all dressed up for the carefree springtime.
Asters: This popular species includes daisies, and the ray flowers are truly representative of the whimsical side of this season. With bright yellow disk centers, and growing in a wide range of bright colors, they fit into any palette.
Lilies: Pink stargazer lilies or orange tiger lilies are welcome in any of our floral designs, for their large bloom that adds elegance.

Wildflower and mixed bouquets are very popular the spring season, as they exhibit the lush natural floral diversity of this time of year. To add an even more verdant flair, consider adding green flowers such as the orchid, hydrangea, or Fuji mum – or surround your flowers with organic decorative grasses.


Celebrate the new season with the vivid florals of spring. Choose one of our pre-made designs, or ask us to create a custom bouquet just for you – we love to get creative! The Flower Bucket will elevate your home and office decor from ordinary to extraordinary, just give us a call.



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