Women’s Day Celebrations

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women's day

This month, women and men around the world will participate in hundreds of events meant to raise awareness regarding inequality and human rights offenses against women. International Women’s Day is also a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the victories and achievements of women around the world. How can you honor the women in your life who make a difference every day?

A palm plant or laurel flowers represent success;  lotus flowers and sage leaves are for those women who exhibit wisdom.  Gladioli and protea represent strength of moral character and courage and make a stunning bouquet.  March 8th is International Women’s Day, and there are many of heartfelt ways to celebrate the amazing women in your life with flowers from The Flower Bucket. 
women's day

Established in 1910 in Soviet bloc nations and then spreading across Europe, the annual event has grown to enjoy the support of the United Nations. And while there are official events in 22 nations around the globe, over 100 nations recognize the day.  Observances in 2017 will rally around the theme Be Bold For Change.

Go Social: If you are involved in any organizations or efforts that help to lift up the cause, make sure that you tweet and post with the hashtag #BeBoldForChange. Let the world know what you are doing, and join in solidarity with millions of women.

women's day

Here in America, there are officially sanctioned events in over 33 cities, but there are women of influence in every aspect of our communities, from judges and legislators to social advocates, mentors, and moms! They impact every part of our history and hold our future. The most significant women in your life are everyday heroes – March 8th is a great day to honor them.

The Flower Bucket has the beautiful flowers, plants, and gifts you need for every occasion throughout the year; on International Women’s Day, let us help you to support all of the women in San Antonio and beyond who are making a difference.



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