Kind Gestures on Sweetest Day

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sweetest day

Sweetest Day is a day set aside for kind gestures and sweet acts of kindness. Although not the most well-known of holidays throughout the United States, the observance has been popular in the Midwest and the Northeast for over 100 years.

Sweetest Day began in Cleveland in the early 1900’s, as a day when local candy companies would give out thousands of boxes of chocolates to the underprivileged, orphaned and shut-in. The idea caught on thanks to broad media coverage, and within 5 years, New York State also adopted the concept. Since we love the idea of giving gifts for no other reason than to make people feel valued, happy and loved, The Flower Bucket has put together a Sweetest Day collection sure to make your loved ones smile. 

sweetest day

Shown Above:  Carefree

We asked some of our friends how they liked celebrating this special day, and these are some of their favorite answers.

* Taking lunch to a someone recuperating from an illness or injury.
* Sending fresh basked goods to the teacher’s lounge, or the front desk at the hospital.
* Picking up flowers and bringing them to your mom, sister, or grandmother.
* Leaving a gift card or some money to someone struggling to make ends meet.

What ways can you think of to say “You’re the sweetest!” to someone you care about?

Shown Below: A Touch of Tropics

sweetest day

Did you know that flowers actually make us happier? On Sweetest Day, send a floral design from The Flower Bucket to tell someone that they are special, that they can do it, or that you support them 100%. And if you want to give a traditional gift reminiscent of the original spirit of the day, make sure you check out our gourmet chocolate gift basket.

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